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I went to your presentation at Chester (United Kingdom) on Saturday, and I must say how much I enjoyed it. This was a first time for me, and I must say I found it very thought-provoking. Plus, the informal chat afterward was most helpful. I am looking forward to the next time.

P.J., Stoke Staffordshire, UK

I want to thank you for helping my mother. She has been receiving your magazine for a couple of issues now. Just last month, my mother lost her job. And if it hadn't been for your magazine, Mom probably would have gone crazy. After she lost her job, she started reading your magazines and studying her Bible. And it has really helped her in her time of need. Mom has really enjoyed your magazine, so I am asking you if you would please send it to me, too.

T.M., Jacksonville, IL

Editor's Note: Approximately 100 Tomorrow's World Special Presentations were held during 2010, mostly across the United States and Canada, but also in nations around the globe. Several have already been held in 2011, and more are scheduled. Tomorrow's World subscribers will receive notifications of any presentations in their areas. You can also go to www.TomorrowsWorld.org to look for presentations you might like to attend. A partial list of March-April 2011 Tomorrow's World Special Presentations across the United States is included on the back page of this issue.

On television as on radio and Internet, people are preaching the Gospel; but sometimes I wonder what is the purpose of the prediction—is it love of Jesus or donation? After every few sentences, most of the preachers ask for donation, promising the viewers they will be blessed. Can money buy God's blessing? Worst, they refuse to preach the fourth commandment, the Sabbath. However, I have been receiving booklets and magazine from Tomorrow's World for years; you never ask me for a donation to keep receiving your publications. I am convinced that you are motivated by the love of God, not by the greed for money. Your booklets help me a lot.

R. V., Pompano Beach, FL

I just finished reading your November-December 2010 issue and all I can say is "Wow!" Pure, unadulterated truth in a world where many are forsaking it in droves, instead preferring watered-down, feel-good, showmanship Christianity. Please don't stop what you are doing!

J. R., Tennessee Colony, TX

Just a note of appreciation for the Tomorrow's World magazine, which I have been receiving for some time now. When I receive a new issue, I can hardly put it down until I have gone through it. I really enjoy the instructive information I get. Thank you so much. I am a 90-years-of-age mother, who wants her oldest son, 67 years of age, to be introduced to your publications.

E.B., Cincinnati, OH

Thank you for the insight that Tomorrow's World magazine has given me. I truly believe that it is most "spot on" solving some of the Bible's hardest puzzles to understand. But you have made it leap out at me. It all makes it so clear and I can see the demise of this world and its systems falling apart every day. It just gets more insane and sinful at a very fast pace. God bless you all.

P. C., Mudgeeraba, QLD, Australia

I am so impressed about the booklets, magazines and literature you have sent to me.  It really helps me a lot; especially to my religious development and awareness aspect of my life. I just read the literature entitled "Who is the Devil?" which struck me upon reading the title alone.  This reading reminds me the warning that God has given us—the false worship of every year's Halloween and the wearing of demonic masks during All Souls Day.  It made me realize that we seem to like praising Satan and his deeds in the world.  I am very thankful for your magazine. It is my hope that God will shower on you more blessings to continue your journey.

S. C., Malita Davao del Sur, Philippines

Thank you so very, very much for Tomorrow's World magazine. I am sometimes so terribly sad to see what some people are doing with the God-given talents and the twisting of mind. For years, I have been saying we are back to Sodom and Gomorrah. They were destroyed, but it is now on a larger scale. I pray that the Lord keeps giving you the strength for all the serious and full-of- understanding work you and your staff are doing.

H. V., Noarlunga Downs, SA, Australia


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