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Thank you so much for your free magazine Tomorrow’s World. Recently I read the article “Enjoy it While You Can” written by Roderick Meredith [September-Octo­ber 2013]. It was amazing and so true. My family was moved by what you said about the condition of this world. The only way out is God’s law and his commandments kept. Lord God help us all. Another article, “Oh Canada!” was a good story on the beavers, and their knowledge and work as “furry hydro engineers.” So many people should know about the beavers helping our environment. Not to destroy them. Thank you again and may God. Bless you.

P. P., Sarasota, FL

Thank you for sending me your informative magazine and booklet this past month. The articles have renewed my interest in search­ing the Scriptures for truth; a Berean heart has been revived. I would like to request further information…

S. A., Colac, VIC, Australia

My husband and I have been watching Tomorrow’s World for the past month. We have subscribed and received your maga­zine. Today, we received the booklet Who or What is the Antichrist? I read it from cover to cover without putting it down. We have been Christians for over 20 years. In the last month, we have learnt more than in those 20 years. I have already requested your Bible Study Course and am looking forward to receiving it. I would like to re­quest the following booklets: The Beast of Revelation and Which Day Is the Christian Sabbath? Thank you for your dedication in getting the “TRUTH” out there.

A. W., Heathridge, WA, Australia

I would like to thank you very much for the DVD that you have sent to me. I appreciate it. It was a blessing for me. My prayer is that God keep giving you wisdom in your ministry to help many people to find the way of God. Thank you and God bless.

R. C., Willemstad, Curacao

My wife and I thank all of you at Tomor­row’s World for bringing forth the Truth of God’s Word to the nations around the world. You have made us understand many truths of the Bible, and what God expects from us. Your hard work and faithfulness in bringing us the true Word of God has brought forth great change in my life, and that of my wife. Please keep up your great works in teaching the word of God around the world, and may God richly bless each of you, and may the love of Christ be with you always.

W. F., Cedar Park, TX

Thank you for your DVDs The Apostles’ Prophetic Journeys and Is there Life After Death? May God increase your knowledge as you endeavor to minister to us.

O. N., Rubavu, West, Rwanda

Hello. I just wanted to thank all of you for trying to spread God’s word all over the world. My daughter Gwen and I were read­ing Tomorrow’s World magazine together and it had so much information and we felt blessed to read it. I worry very much about the state of our world and our peoples are suffering so much hurt and pain. I plan to join the food bank here and help give out food when needed. The jobs are gone and so many are homeless today. We [the Unit­ed States] sent billions of dollars overseas to foreign countries aid yet we have none or crumbs for our peoples here. It seems God is trying to get our attention but we are not paying attention to the signs of Revelation.

P. C., Randallstown, MD


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