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Dear Tomorrow's World, I have been receiving your magazine for many years now. It has opened my eyes to the truth and I now know that many traditions such as Easter egg hunts and the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, the Christmas tree and gift giving, and Halloween are not something we should follow as Christians. Your articles are always filled with many biblical truths and are eye opening. Thank you for sending this to me free of charge. I truly appreciate it. I have also received many booklets from you, which have been a blessing to me. May the Lord God pour you out a blessing from heaven above that there is not room enough to receive it for the wonderful work you do for the Gospel. May he bless you, your ministry, your employees and families.

D.K., Harare, Mashonland, Zimbabwe

Thank you so much! So much "Christianity" to me as I grew up did not match scripture. You have confirmed and shown the true biblical principles, commandments, and teachings of Christ that set me free. I am so grateful to God that not all are blind followers, no, people like you share the truth and again I am so grateful for you and how God leads us to the truth if we truly seek it. Blessings to you all!

C.S., Victor Harbor, SA, Australia

Thank you so much for your work—the Work of God. I just submitted my answers to my first Bible Study Course test. I don't mind sharing that I got three answers incorrect—so be it. I loved it! Wow, your television programs, Web site, literature, DVDs and letters are a treat and pleasure to me and for my family. You have been helping me (along with the Holy Bible, of course), grow so much. I thank God for all that Tomorrow's World is doing to inform as many as will seek and hear concerning God's plan, and bringing us to Him through Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Keep up this good work for the Body of Christ.

Y.M., Chicago, IL

I am a 65-year-old woman who is very interested in learning about the Bible the right way. I have attended services in many churches throughout my life and tried different religions. They left me empty. I want to be filled with the knowledge of Jesus Christ and His teachings. Tomorrow's World is a real eye-opener to me, and I am eager to learn. Thank you for your wonderful Web site. I should find all I need at TomorrowsWorld.org.

L.C., Westport, WA

I become overwhelmed at times with the rapid decline of our society. The Ten Commandments appear to be broken everywhere. I am disappointed at Ireland voting for same-sex marriage after being such a godly country originally. I often ask "why God, why?" and hope to have an answer one day. I am so thankful for your booklets which offer encouragement in these dark days and helps me to trust that the Lord is with me and gives me insight as to the future. My prayers are with you and all your good works.

E.F., Bendigo, VIC  Australia

Thank you so much for your unceasing mission to carry out the Great Commission as we approach the Great Tribulation in these end-times. Just a few short years ago, I was "drifting" from the Church (although I have now corrected that!); I simply wouldn't have believed how quickly world events would progress! Thank God for your Work in educating people such as myself.

P.M., Redfern,  NSW  Australia


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