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Please remove me from your mailing list. In your Jan-Feb magazine, "The Value of Competitive Sports" is so far from God's truth. Today's NCAA and the sin of professional athletics is premised on pride and arrogance which God hates and calls evil. There is nothing wrong with playing sports to stay in shape, but to stay in shape to play the sport is sin. Just like learning boxing to defend yourself and your family is honorable; to box to beat-up someone else for money is wrong! This is not the only time I have found your stories promoting the acting like the world rather than honoring God in this world.
D.P., Newport News, Virginia

Editor's Note: We urge you to go back and re-read the article. God Himself wrestled with Jacob (Genesis 32:22–31), so it would be ridiculous to condemn wrestling as an activity. Yet we know that much "professional wrestling" today is more theater than sport. Nowhere did the article endorse or condemn a specific athletic group or league. Of course there is sin in the NCAA and in professional athletics; anywhere there is human nature there will be sin. There is, however, nothing inherently sinful in staying in shape to play a sport. Sin enters when it becomes a matter of pride or of exploiting others for our benefit. It is worth noticing that Jesus Christ did not pray that Christians be taken out of the world; rather He prayed that they, as individuals who are not of the world, would be protected from Satan (John 17:15–16). As such, there is room to participate in sports with a proper Christian attitude.

I enjoy your magazines so much. It is like hearing a good sermon. I am a shut-in and have to depend on TV to have church, but I can't get you anymore and I miss you so much. My eye-sight is very bad, and my reading is limited, but I read some every day in my Bible, and read the literature you send me. Thank you so much for your writings.
D.T., Mississippi

Editor's Note: If you do not have access to a TV station airing the Tomorrow's World telecast, but you do have a computer with an Internet connection, you can watch the telecast online at TomorrowsWorld.org.

I am a Christian who has a great interest in listening to the world news concerning the Middle East crisis and also, reading Bible prophecies in the Book of Daniel and Revelation. I was given a booklet to read by a friend of mine entitled The Middle East in Prophecy. I was very pleased to get it and to read it. I found the book to be of great value because I have learned a lot of great and mighty truths I have not known before. Your book has given me new hope and truth. Thank you and may our good Lord bless Tomorrow's World richly and in fullness.
D.K., Kavieng, NIP, Papua New Guinea

I am so thankful for your programme. It has helped me to understand God's Word when I was truly seeking God's guidance. But what saddens me so much is that many family members do not even believe God's existence. And hard as I try, I fail to get through to them. That is why I would like to request your CD Does God Exist? because you explain things so clearly. May God help you to continue in your helping people to know God.
G.C., Safety Beach, VIC, Australia


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