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I took my new Tomorrow's World out of the mailbox and saw what I was looking for. Is there an unpardonable sin? I rushed home to read it twice with tears. I was certain the living God would destroy me. At the same time I could not find fault with God for my sins. It's taken me years to learn. Thank you for the knowledge. May God bless you all.
B.R., Mobridge, South Dakota

I want to tell you how much I enjoy reading Tomorrow's World from cover to cover and how much I anticipate the next issue to see what you will write about next. Everything in the magazine has been educational and enlightening for me. By the time I get done going through an article, it has underlines and highlighted marks all through it. Of course I do this to "test the spirits" and look up in scripture what I am reading about. It has really helped me get a better grip on scripture, grow and understand what some of the Bible is talking about. Thank you so much for providing me with your literature. If it weren't for people who love Christ and work to get His Word out here to people like me, the world would be a darker place. I thank God for all of you and the work that you do. God bless you all at Tomorrow's World.
S.O., Nashville, Tennessee

Thank you much for the teaching by Wallace Smith on the falseness of Christmas ("Is Christmas Christian?" which aired from December 24–30, 2015 and is now available at TomorrowsWorld.org).  I would appreciate the booklet Is Christmas Christian? as I would like to learn more of this topic. Most churches refuse to acknowledge such spiritual truths.. I appreciate the fact men like Wallace Smith have the backbone to speak out on issues such as Christmas.
J.S., Tenterfield,  NSW, Australia

I quickly put pen to paper after reading the article "A Wake-up Call to Protestants" in the September-October 2015 issue of Tomorrow's World. Thank you so much for your continued generosity in forwarding this magazine of prophecy. You help me make sense of the world I am living in and I am truly grateful.  There is no way I will be part of "Babylon the Great."
Z.M., Aberfoyle Park,  SA, Australia

I have to stop between sessions studying my Tomorrow's World Bible Study Course to say thank you for the free course and all the free literature. If I didn't receive it I sure would be in the dark. I did not know we had the Kingdom of God to look forward to. I'm also learning about the Feast days, which I knew nothing about. Now I'm learning the truth. It's like seeing the scriptures for the first time since I've become acquainted with Tomorrow's World. Thank you again for the time and literature for reaching people like me. This Tomorrow's World is a true gift from our Savior Jesus Christ.
J.M., Summerfield, Florida

Thank you for your "Simple Principles" insert on page 21 of the January-February 2016 issue.  I particularly appreciate your mention of the biblical instruction to use running water for cleansing purposes, referencing Numbers 19.  It wasn't until the 18th or 19th century that surgeons figured out they needed to wash their hands in running water instead of merely a basin to avoid the spread of bacteria and disease, but here it has been in God's Word all along for thousands of years if we would only read and heed!  Please keep up the great work!
T.C., Fort Worth, TX


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