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I have read many books, pamphlets, articles, etc. on the subject of human love and found this booklet, God’s Plan for Happy Marriage, to be especially full of very helpful biblical guidelines.
M.W., Lolo, Montana

From my heart to yours—I’m not an educated person. What I like about your study course is that I can do it in my home at the time I choose. In your letter, you thanked me for my interest in the Bible Study Course. It is I, and people like me, who should thank you and your staff for their time, hard work and energy to make it available.
G.B., Homosassa, Florida

I have been receiving your magazines for a couple of months now, and I love them! Especially the section titled, “Tomorrow’s Youth.” I am struggling with my relationship with my mother. But whenever we sit down and read your magazine or booklets, we calm down and sometimes even laugh and talk to each other, just as mothers and daughters are supposed to. Thank you!
A.V., Modesto, California

Thank you for Tomorrow’s World and the booklets I’ve received. They are so well explained, one can really start to clearly understand what was confusing before.
H.P., Vancouver, BC

I love your broadcast. It’s also great to see a ministry on TV that does not try to guilt people into sending in money.
F.S., Independence, Virginia

Have heard your messages for a few decades now. Each time I mailed a request to you, a clean response was returned! Your ministry is fully trustworthy! My own future is going to be brighter thanks to you!
D.D., LaCombe, Louisiana

Thank you very much. I watch your programs every week. They are very informative, very much on point, and very much make me want to know more about the Bible. Your programs have made me a better person and make me want to live as God wants us to live. God bless you.
L.R., Dunnville, ON

Thank you for everything—DVDs, magazine and all. You have changed my life. Thank you!
L.S., Brunswick, GA

I recently had the extreme honor of acquiring a copy of Tomorrow’s World from a friend of mine. I was very impressed with its format, but most of all with the contents as they are extremely well written and highly informative. Most importantly—they are scriptural!
C.V., Tallasse, AL


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