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I've never really been religious. But after watching your show on TV, you ask some good questions, so I'm keeping an open mind till I learn more, and then I will make my choice. Thanks for sparking my interest.
S.L., Berri, South Australia, Australia

I received two of your booklets, Easter, The Untold Story and The Holy Days: God's Master Plan. I have read many other publications, but was so much more pleased with yours as I learned more about God from them. I just received a copy of your magazine, have read it from cover to cover, and have learned so much. I also watched today's broadcast and was encouraged by the presentation. I will continue in my studies.
M.F., Honesdale, Pennsylvania

I have been receiving your magazine for a while now, and so does my 12-year-old son. I can tell when it comes because he gets the mail as he gets off the school bus, and when your magazine arrives he gets so excited and rushes up the yard to get home. After dinner we sit down and read the magazine or other literature and talk about the articles. I want to thank you for the mother-son time and our closer walk with Jesus. God bless you all!
M.E., Points, West Virginia

I receive other Christian publications, but yours is by far the best, most informative, and easiest to understand. Between the magazine and the TV program, I have learned more about God and the future than from all other sources. I don't know who pays for all of this, but I thank them for doing so. My gratitude for your efforts and enlightenment can't be put into words. You are truly doing the Lord's work, and I really appreciate it.
M.N., Columbus, Ohio

I love the messages the Lord is revealing to me! We are few in number but I am getting to know God more than I did in my 60 years in Pentecostal church.
I.S., Isibania, Kenya

A simple "thank you" to Tomorrow's World for speaking God's truth. It's astonishing to see how much is maligned by many religions. Because of the confusion from trying many different religions, I was lost and doubted God. Finally, I have some real truths through your literature and messages. Thank you for keeping me on the path. Surely God will bless you in your service to many.
M.H., Morehead City, North Carolina

I must tell you that the arrival of ANY communication from Tomorrow's World is a "High Day" for me. I immediately start reading, no matter what else I am doing on the computer. We thank you SO much for all the material you make available to us. God bless you and your work.
C.H., Johannesburg, South Africa

Ever since I received your magazines—Tomorrow's World—I have been reading them, every page. I enjoy them a lot and am learning a lot. I reference them with my Bible and find them very accurate. God bless you all for the work you do.
P.M., Toronto, ON


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