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Only yesterday I was reading your excellent article “Almighty God Controls the Weather” (November-December 2016). Coincidentally, at my church on Sunday the “Gospel Reading” was Luke 21:5–19. The very next day, two minutes after midnight, New Zealand is struck with massive earthquakes. Liberalism has been so destructive to society and our young people and has violently rocked the very cradle of civilization.
G.B., e-mail from New Zealand

Thank you, so much, for sending me Tomorrow’s World. I love to read the magazine and cannot help studying it. I park my car and read it, since my job is driving. It is an informative and eye opening magazine. May God bless you!
D.G., Rangoon, Burma

I have been reading the Tomorrow’s World magazine for some time now. First of all, I want to thank you for such a great magazine. I admire the fact that your authors stay true to the word of God. Some of my favorite sections from the magazine are the “scientific sections” where you speak about a topic of science, such as “The Gecko Grip” (November-December 2016). I am an engineering student, and topics like that one are very interesting.
N.A., e-mail from New Jersey

Just wanted to say thanks for the magazine I’ve received from Tomorrow’s World for the past five years. Your ministry is spreading the light of Christ around the world, and God bless you all for it.
M.M., Edmonton, Alberta

I really appreciate all you have provided from Tomorrow’s World magazine. The wide-ranging, comprehensive presentation that you publicized on television was admirable. It seems that you have answers to all my questions. Your articles gave me insight and broadened my knowledge about what true Christianity signifies.
H.A., Geelong, Victoria

Thanks to Rod McNair for his recent article (“Holidays or Horror-Days?” September-October 2016). I appreciated his attention to the question about what happens at death. I have been wrestling with this issue given what most people believe versus what is written in the Bible. The Roman Catholic Church has a very definite message on the issue, which flies in the face of scriptures.
R.M., Dallas, Pennsylvania

I received the DVD “The Power of Prophecy” which you kindly sent me. It is so enlightening! Thank you. The booklets also give me much food for thought.
A.P., Croftby, Queensland

Your July-August 2016 issue had a particular article that I have read dozens of times now, “Seven Keys for Peace of Mind.” I could not begin to tell you just how helpful that article has been to me personally. Actually, I have had to get a few copies made, because the magazine had just become threadbare. I’ve read thousands upon thousands of articles, but this one in particular seemed to be aimed directly at me.
M.K., Mendon, Illinois


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