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Thank you very much for the DVD on “Escape the Great Tribulation.” Thank you for faithfully sending me a copy of your free magazine. The articles are very enlightening, encouraging and informative. I have learned so much and look forward to learning more.
Reader in the Philippines

I just wanted to share with you how much I enjoy your free booklets. They are very enlightening. I do want you to know that I appreciate not having to purchase them, for money is very tight. I would not be able to purchase them. I love to study the word of God and to read with extra understanding, and I want only the truth. For Jesus says the truth shall set you free, and he who is set free is free indeed. Just wanted to say thank you, and I wish I could have all of your booklets. I love reading them and learning from them. Of course, I read the word of God first, and you do line up with the truth.
Reader in Texas

[Concerning the booklet Revelation: The Mystery Unveiled] Very well written. One reading is not enough. This book should be studied thoroughly.
Reader in Jamaica

“Why Gender Confusion?” [published online at Tomorrow’sWorld.org, October 11, 2016] Excellent article. Brief, irrefutable and to the point. Congratulations.
Reader in South Africa

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I saw your show the other night about [abortion], and I really enjoyed it. I’m very pro-life myself. I’m also adopted. I would like to encourage you to have more shows about pro-life topics. Thank you.
Viewer in Canada

I came in contact with your website while I was studying the Bible at a different site, and your ad was on the side of the page I was reading. I found a Living Church of God congregation that was close enough for me to attend, and on Labor Day this past year I was baptized. I watch the webcasts, do the Bible studies, and get the magazines and booklets. I have learned so very much from your teachings, and, as Dr. Meredith says, I am always checking it out for the Truth. I thank God that He has led me to you and am trying daily to present myself as pleasing to our Lord. God bless all of you and your ministry.
Reader in Oklahoma

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