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I want to thank you ever so much for the very informative DVD entitled “The Antichrist and the Beast of Revelation” that I received. As soon as I reached my home, I sat down and played the first section of it and found it extremely interesting. It makes me wonder why other churches don’t preach such important messages to their flock—but I think I can guess the reason why.

I would be extremely grateful if you would please send me a copy of your publication entitled Who or What is the Antichrist? This is a subject that everyone should be interested in as it affects everyone, even if they think otherwise.

With the state the world is in right now, it is clearly obvious that we are living in the last days, for if man is allowed to carry on the way he is at this very moment there just has to be a divine intervention to save our planet and mankind from total destruction and annihilation.

Thank you once again for the fabulous literature you are constantly publishing—along with your very informative DVDs—and may the eyes of those who are seeking the truth be opened.
Email from a Reader in the Cook Islands

Editor’s Note: The DVD “The Antichrist and the Beast of Revelation” and the booklet Who or What Is the Antichrist? are both available from our Regional Offices, listed on page 4, or on our website, TomorrowsWorld.org.

I want to compliment and thank you for the series on the Reformation. I have been enthralled with that information, especially the latest installment on Calvin. I sincerely look forward to being able to acquire the entire series in a booklet. Thank you for publishing this history. If only more Christians understood the sorry nonsense that is taught as “biblical Christianity.”
Reader in California

Editor’s Note: As mentioned at the end of this latest installment, the series is available as a complete book. Use the information in that article to get your free copy!

Thank you for your daily inspiring messages. I went to watch your programme “The Mystery of The Kingdom of God,” and found that inspiring too. We’ll have a job to do—not just sitting on a cloud playing a harp! Have signed up for your magazine and your Bible course.
Reader in the U.K.

First of all, we want to thank you for your truthful literature and TV broadcasts. We have learned more from your publications and productions than we’ve ever learned in any church we’ve ever attended, and we’ve been attending churches regularly, weekly, for nearly 60 years. We are daily readers of God’s word, reading through the Bible cover to cover every year plus additional daily and weekly study to plant and imprint our Father’s word into our hearts and minds. Your work has helped us tremendously in our personal studies. Thank you, thank you, thank you, a thousand times, thank you.
Readers in Florida

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your kind encouragement! The Tomorrow’s World telecast and magazine are both sponsored by the Living Church of God, which has weekly church services every Sabbath. If you are interested in attending a local congregation near you, please feel free to contact us at one of our Regional Offices, found on page 4, or click on the “Find a Congregation” link toward the bottom of our home page at TomorrowsWorld.org.

Erratum: On page 14 of the January-February 2018 issue, the question “Could it be that these approved, clinically monitored medications allow the THC to act on the body but do not give the user a desired ‘high’?” should have used the word “cannabinoids” instead of “THC.” We apologize for the error.


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