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Letters to the Editor

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I just received from you yesterday the booklets The Bible: Fact or Fiction, Marijuana: What They Aren’t Telling You, and Evolution and Creation: What Both Sides Miss. And I needed to tell you how surprised I was at your points of view, facts, and critiques. Excellent. I’ve glanced through some of your books before as they passed through my hands, but this is my first knuckles-down reading, and I like your authors, books, and church very much. Thanks for the free literature. God bless you richly in your ministries.

—Subscriber in Nevada

Thank you so very much for this ministry—it is awesome! I have been saved for 24 years and visited multiple denominations in person and online, and all I see is selfish lazy confusion. I am grateful to our God for leading me to you and very much look forward to visiting a feast service of the Lord one day, hopefully the fall feasts. God bless you all, and thank you again!

—Subscriber in New York

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your kind words! And if you are interested in visiting one of our congregational services, you can contact one of the Regional Offices listed on page 4, or visit our interactive congregational map at TomorrowsWorld.org, which includes local contact information.

I would like to thank you for the booklets that I have received at my home. They are very objective and enlightening, and they are contributing to my personal growth in the word and understanding of scriptures. God bless Tomorrow’s World! Thank you!

Subscriber in Brazil

[Concerning “The Rise of Modern Paganism,” from the November-December 2019 issue:] Dr. Winnail, thank you for this thorough, well-developed and encapsulated explanation of the history and significance of the current reemergence of pagan thought and practice that threatens our world, biblical doctrine, and mortal souls. May those currently without eyes to see and ears to hear awaken with this important subject for thought and God’s will or intervention. I shared your article on Facebook.

Subscriber in Florida

Editor’s Note: The times are certainly sobering. America has a future, but it is not the future many imagine! Anyone interested in the destiny of the U.S. should request our free booklet The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy, available from any of our Regional Offices listed on page 4 or from our website, TomorrowsWorld.org.

Hello, I’m 25 and have not always been close with God. I just want to thank you all for what you do and thank you for having everything you offer! I always wanted to gain a greater understanding and sometimes found it difficult to understand the Bible’s language, but all of you have done and continue to do such a great job in explaining and simplifying the messages of Jesus Christ. I thank you for opening up my eyes and mind, it feels so great to finally have a clear understanding!

Subscriber in Canada

I received the lessons I requested [the Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course]. I am very happy that I came in contact with you and began the study. My interest and faith are very much growing. I just want to let you know that I am very happy with your help. I wish you all the best and look forward to receiving the following lessons.

Reader in the Netherlands