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I watched Tomorrow’s World telecast about the Christian Sabbath and was convicted that, as a Christian, I should keep Saturday as the Sabbath day and not Sunday.

—Viewer in Kenya

Editor’s Note: That is exciting to hear! If you are interested in information about a congregation of the Living Church of God, sponsor of the Tomorrow’s World telecast, you can contact any one of our Regional Offices listed on page 4 of this magazine or click on “Meet the Church Behind TW” on our home page at TomorrowsWorld.org.

Bought a “must-have antenna.” Went off Direct-TV, and I can pick up Charlotte, NC, locally. Saw Richard Ames on Tomorrow’s World. LOVED IT. Teaching what we need to know NOW! Please send me the monthly magazine and the free CD “The Day of the Lord.” Thank you!

—Subscriber in South Carolina

Thank you so much for the DVD on what is going on in our country and schools. I knew things were bad but had no idea how bad. I love your magazine and am thrilled to hear we will be getting ten issues a year now. Your program and magazine are such a blessing to me. Jesus is on His way. It won’t be long now. Keep up the good work.

—Subscriber in Oklahoma

Editor’s Note: The DVD mentioned by this subscriber is “A World Gone Mad,” exposing the truth behind many of the cultural and societal changes we see happening at breathtaking speed all around us. You can obtain a free copy for yourself by contacting the Regional Office nearest you, listed on page 4, or by visiting our website.

Is it possible you can send me another copy of your booklet Biblical Principles of Health? You have already sent me a copy that I have used to show my friends when I see them eating what God has forbidden to eat in Scripture. The booklet you sent me is almost worn out from being used so often, and because it has so much biblical information, it is one of the best books available on this very important subject.

—Subscriber in Australia

I would just like to thank you for renewing my free subscription of Tomorrow’s World magazine, I really appreciate it. You have no idea how happy I am every time I read it. It’s very enlightening, informative, and enriching.

—Subscriber in the Philippines

I would like to compliment you on and thank you for the article “New Gods, New Sins,” published in your magazine of March 2021. It is one of the best analyses of our society in the 21st Century that I have read in recent months, and very encouraging for Christians.

—Subscriber in the Netherlands

I have been receiving your monthly magazine. Your work is tremendous. I learn a lot. God bless Tomorrow’s World and all who work to keep it going. Thanks.

—Subscriber in Trinidad and Tobago


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