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Thank you for your program “The Seven Laws of Success.” We have just had one of the most stressful months ever as a family. I wrote these laws out for our family. We prayed. On the last day of the month, we gained hope. Thank you, thank you! I have also found great blessings coming my way since changing to worship on Saturday, following the Sabbath law. Thank you! I always wondered why my previous religion never adhered to the Sabbath. Now I know that you are right. I am truly looking forward to the program “Cold War Secrets Revealed!” I believe this is still happening. We are getting so many news propaganda shorts on UFS (United Front System) about American warships and our military bases. A couple of years ago, our military forces even predicted WWIII within the next 20 years.

—Subscriber in Australia

Editor’s Note: That is wonderful news, and we are delighted to have been a help to you and your family! Anyone interested in a Sabbath-keeping congregation of the Living Church of God, sponsor of Tomorrow’s World, can find information on our website. Just click on “Meet the Church Behind TW.” You can also reach out to the Regional Office in your area using the contact information on page 4 of this issue.

Thank you for all the materials you send me. They are very interesting and better than the evening news. The Tomorrow’s World magazine is great, and the DVDs are very straight and to the point. I’ve learned lots just from reading and watching them. This world is indeed going crazy. It’s nothing like when I was young. It’s a weird feeling to turn on the TV and see what’s happening now. Usually, I turn it off and go plant flowers.

—Subscriber in West Virginia

Mr. Weston, I appreciated the article on the Sabbath and “The Subtle Art of Canceling the Bible” [in the June 2021 issue]. In our free country, it is becoming more challenging to say, as Paul did, “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Every distraction seems acceptable nowadays except the Bible. Thank you for the eye-opening articles in your publication.

Subscriber in Washington

I have been the lucky recipient of Tomorrow’s World magazine and several videos for years. Your scriptural interpretations and the prophetic relevance to current world events has offered me inspiration, encouraged my belief, and bolstered my faith. God’s gift of love and sacrifice is a message vital to Christians and unbelievers alike. Your organization is exemplary in delivering that message to the world. You well deserve my (and many others’) appreciation and heartfelt thanks. Keep up the excellent service.

—Subscriber in Missouri

The letters from Mr. Weston and Tomorrow’s World magazine have brought much hope so many times in my life these past few years, when I had no hope left and nothing to truly live for. I pray that God will continue growing your ministry as there are many “lost sheep” that need to be found.

—Subscriber in New Mexico

I look forward to watching your TV broadcast every week. You help to strengthen the spiritual life for me and countless other people, I’m sure. Don’t change. Don’t compromise with the world. God bless all who work there.

—Subscriber in Illinois


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