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Czech President Calls for Germany to Lead Europe

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On a recent visit to Berlin, the Czech president “called on Germany to take on a leadership role in European security efforts that would inspire other countries” (Euractiv, March 22, 2023). Speaking further, President Petr Pavel proposed, “We are beginning to write a new chapter in European history, and I am convinced that a country like Germany can play a decisive role in this phase.” He went on to suggest that Germany has a responsibility to lead Europe, beginning with the economy, defense, and security.

The words of one new European president may not have a great deal of influence on other nations, but from a biblical perspective, President Pavel’s comments are particularly meaningful. Bible prophecy is clear that Germany will play a lead role in Europe militarily and financially. The German-led “beast” power will receive power from a bloc of European nations who will “give their power and authority” to it for a short time (Revelation 17:13). It will also wield power over Jerusalem and even fight against a Muslim-led “king of the south” (Daniel 11). For this to take place, Germany must first rise above European bickering and begin to take a strong leadership role in Europe—a role that will motivate other nations to follow it, just as the Czech president is suggesting.

As world events speed up, students of Bible prophecy need to watch Germany. This nation will play a powerful role in end-time events, and even a leading role after the return of Christ! To learn more about this future, be sure to read our new, free booklet, Germany in Prophecy.