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Germany Is Rising

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Two Politico journalists recently wrote the following compelling statement: “Get ready for an even more German Europe” (August 25, 2018). The article refers to the possibility that Germany may drop its bid for the presidency of the European Central Bank and instead pursue the presidency of the European Commission—a post Germany has not held since 1967. This course of action might cause less of a political backlash and could give Germany more influence in Europe.

Germany is Europe’s wealthiest and most populous nation. It is not merely Europe’s leading nation economically, it is also one of the primary nations pushing for a European army. Germany already carries a great deal of political weight in Europe, and a European Commission presidency would only add to German political power.

Where might all this maneuvering lead? The Bible has long prophesied that Assyria (modern Germany) would lead a European Beast power with links to the ancient Roman Empire at the end of the age just before the return of Jesus Christ (see Isaiah 10:5–11; Daniel 2:40–44; 7:23). Eventually, Germany will take the top spot in Europe and play a major role in fulfilling these ancient prophecies that will come to pass (Daniel 2:20–21, 45). This is something that should inspire students of Bible prophecy to watch world events carefully. For more information on Germany’s future within Europe and around the globe, be sure to read “Resurgent Germany: A Fourth Reich?