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Why Europe Wants To Control the Internet

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In recent decades, the Internet has become far more than a research and communication tool—it has become a wealth-generating machine and a tool used to topple governments around the world. This fact has prompted nations to seek to control Internet commerce as well as the political power inherent in the Internet. “At the center of this global tussle between technology and politics stands Europe, whose policymakers have set their sights on becoming the de facto global arbiters for how companies—and, in some cases, their users—behave online… Europeans officials are already expanding digital rules for data privacy and are clamping down on what can be published online” (Politico, August 20, 2017). The European commissioner for justice recently stated, “As Europe, we must set the global standards.”

End-time Bible prophecy reveals that a European beast power will one day control a global commerce system that will make nations rich for a time (Revelation 18:1-3; see also Ezekiel 27). The Internet is a powerful tool that could be central to this venture. For more biblical insights about Europe’s role in future events, read or listen to The Beast of Revelation.