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Japan and EU Free Trade

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In a clearly expressed response to what has been called U.S. isolationism, “The European Union and Japan have formally agreed [on] an outline free-trade deal. The agreement paves the way for trading in goods without tariff barriers between two of the world’s biggest economic areas… They also want to send a clear message internationally that the EU and Japan, highly-developed democracies, remain committed to a liberal, free-trading, rules-based world, and they will seek to shape it even if the U.S. won’t” (BBC, July 6, 2017). Although details of the trade deal still remain to be drawn up, the process is underway.

Bible prophecy indicates that at the end of the age, Israelite-descended nations like the USA will fall from their global leadership positions (Deuteronomy 28:15-20), as other nations, including those in a German-led Europe, will become more prominent on the world stage. World events indicate these ancient prophecies are moving toward fulfilment. For more on the future of Germany and other nations, be sure to read “A New World Order Is Coming.”