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Anti-American Attitudes Growing

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The “America First” slogan and actions of President Trump are taking a toll on America’s allies. Recently, a German weekly stated, “Seldom has an American president exploited the country’s economic power to the degree the Trump administration has. Washington appears to be attacking German companies at every opportunity” (Der Spiegel, June 13, 2018). More than a year ago, a German writer compared President Trump to the maniacal Roman ruler Nero (Der Spiegel, February 5, 2017). German parliamentarian Norbert Röttgen referred to President Trump’s performance at the recent G7 summit as “childish” (Washington Post, June 10, 2018). European Council President Donald Tusk commented that, “with friends like that who needs enemies” (Wall Street Journal, May 16, 2018). Another German commentary noted, “Trump’s latest lies are an open attack on the German government and the European Union. This U.S. president was never a partner. He is an aggressive opponent and should be treated as such” (Der Spiegel, June 20, 2018). In spite of the undeniable domestic accomplishments of the President, his leadership style is creating a serious breach with America’s allies.

Now, as the United States scuttles long-held alliances, an international power vacuum is forming—and Germany is moving to fill the void. On a recent trip to Japan, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to propose a new alliance (Der Spiegel, July 27, 2018). “In the coming months, a network of globally oriented states is to be created that closely coordinates its foreign, trade and climate policies. ‘We need an alliance of the multilateralists,’ says Maas… an alliance that stands for the global rules and structures of the postwar order that Trump rejects.”

While Maas’ comments may appear routine, Bible prophecy sheds light on the potential implications of such thinking. Scripture foretells a strong, geopolitical force emanating from Europe that will arise at the end of the age. Led by Germany, this “great worldwide trading combine will seem to offer incredible profits to international cartels,” making nations of the world rich for a time (The Beast of Revelation, p. 39; cf. Revelation 18:3)! The future of Germany and its impact on the U.S. and the world is outlined in the pages of your Bible. For more details, be sure to read “A Clash of Eagles: America and Germany in Prophecy.”