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Natural Disasters

Why Prophecy?

Bible prophecy is history written in advance. How important is it, or should it be, in our daily lives? Is Bible prophecy a subject for scholars and history buffs, or can it make a difference in how you live your life today? The answer may surprise you!

Prophetic Trends for 2015

What does the Bible tell us to expect in the year ahead? Jesus gave us the command to “Watch”—but for what should we be watching? Are you prepared for 2015, and the years ahead?

Dive Into Prophecy

Bible prophecy may be mysterious. It may seem to be filled with fanciful stories and strange symbols.  Yet it can be understood—and it can give your life new hope, meaning and purpose!

Hope for the Future

The global economic crisis has affected hundreds of millions of people around the world. Millions have lost jobs or homes. Hundreds of banks and thousands of companies have failed. Disease epidemics continue to plague our planet as we suffer ongoing wars and continuing violence. But there is hope! Your Bible promises a new world--coming soon--that will see lasting peace among all nations! You can have that peace in your life now, if you know how!

Why Are Things Going WRONG?

From World War to Cold War to War on Terror; from polio to AIDS to Ebola, why does it seem that our world has gone from bad to worse? Will planet Earth ever see a time of peace? Scripture gives the answer!