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Natural Disasters

More Floods!

“Deadly flooding has affected more than one million people in Pakistan, officials said Wednesday.” Tens of thousands have been rescued and hundreds of thousands remain stranded (AFP, September 10, 2014).

Typhoon Inundates Tokyo

Typhoon Halong “lashed Japan on Saturday as the country headed into a holiday week, causing the authorities to order the evacuation of a half-million people living near swollen rivers and canceling hundreds of flights” (Associated Press, August 9, 2014). By Monday, over 1.6 million people were told to evacuate and at least ten were dead.

More Weather Woes!

Less than a year after Typhoon Haiyan (the strongest storm ever to hit land) struck the Philippines and killed more than 6,300 people, another powerful storm, Typhoon Rammasun (a Thai word for god of thunder), packing 100 mph winds pounded the Philippines this week. The typhoon toppled trees, destroyed thousands of homes, displaced nearly half a million people and left some 40 people dead (Houston Chronicle, July 16, 2014).

Doomsday and Armageddon

Will human beings find the way to world peace? Or will we face a terrible thermonuclear World War III that will see the deaths of billions? Scripture warns of troubling times ahead before the return of Jesus Christ. But those who are most faithful to their Savior will be spared great suffering. Will you be prepared when Armageddon comes?

God Controls the Weather

Why do massive hurricanes destroy billions of dollars of property and kill thousands of innocent people?  Why do tornadoes and floods and droughts destroy crops and livelihoods?  Is the Almighty God trying to send rebellious mankind a message?  What is that message?  The answer may surprise you!