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Natural Disasters

Weather Disasters: Why?

Are recent weather catastrophes the fault of "global warming"? Are they random shifts in a long-standing weather pattern? Or is there something more significant behind the increase in severe weather events around our world?

A Return to New Orleans

A year after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast of the United States, people are beginning to rebuild their homes and their lives. What lessons have we learned from the monumental devastation? What lessons should we be learning?

Business as Usual on Bourbon Street

With Hurricane Katrina a fading memory, many merchants are going back to their old businesses—and their old ways. Is there a lesson we should be learning—and what are the consequences if we do not learn?

San Francisco Earthquake: Lessons 100 Years Later

April 2006 marks the hundredth anniversary of an earthquake that ravaged a city and changed the way Americans came to think about disaster preparedness. Many lessons were learned following the devastating quake—but were they the right lessons?

Hurricane Katrina: A Wake-up Call

What lessons should we learn from the terrible tragedy of Hurricane Katrina? Are you ready for what will come next?