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Natural Disasters

North America's Worsening Drought

The state of Texas is fast becoming the United States' poster child for drought of "biblical" proportions. Austin—the state's capital—and nearby San Antonio have in the last 22 months experienced the driest weather on record since the extraordinary drought that occurred in 1954–56. People's lives and livelihoods are being devastated, and billions of dollars have been lost.

This Is NOT Our Father's World

A much-beloved Protestant hymn asserts, “This Is My Father’s World.” The song has a beautiful melody, and the sentiment is tempting. Yet, the reality of the matter—as so pointedly shown by the many sudden and destructive events caused by natural disasters—is that our world today is not our Father’s world.

Ominous Trends in Israelite Nations

What does the future hold for the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the other English-speaking British-descended nations—the so-called “Anglo-Saxon” nations of the world? And what does the future hold for the Middle Eastern nation of Israel? In recent years, news reports have featured dramatic events that have occurred in these regions—events that are not isolated occurrences, but in fact reflect developing trends that do not bode well. While the modern secular media does not recognize a connection between modern trends and ancient Bible prophecies, the truth is that Scripture long ago foretold not only what is happening to these modern descendants of ancient Israel, but also what will happen in the future. More importantly, the Bible explains why.

Science vs. Doomsday 2012

If you listen to the right people—or, perhaps more accurately, the wrong people—you may have heard that in December of this year mankind will either experience the end of the world or the dawn of a new age.

The End of the Age!

Do you understand the sobering significance of events that are making news headlines today? Regrettably, modern secular media outlets have no idea of the real meaning of events they report, because our society has been conditioned to ignore the only source that accurately reveals the future—the Bible!