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Natural Disasters

Unnatural Disasters

The entertainment industry has filled people's minds with many false ideas about the end of the world. Will you recognize—and be ready for—Jesus Christ when He returns?

On Shaky Ground

Two hundred years ago, the American Midwest was shaken by the strongest earthquake human beings had ever felt in that region. Is another quake overdue? What lessons can we learn?

Oceans in Trouble!

Over the last several decades, scientists who monitor the state of the world's oceans have documented a number of disturbing trends that continue to worsen.

Signs of Disaster Down Under?

As Australians search for the causes of the sudden firestorm catastrophe and as they attempt to understand why they are being shaken by earthquakes, it is instructive to see what is mentioned and what is ignored.

Droughts and Famines Increasing

Few understand, or make any connection between, widespread weather-related events and ancient Bible prophecies. Yet those sobering prophecies are coming alive today!