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Thank you very much for the informative booklets that I recently received from you. They are a definite help in my understanding of Bible scriptures, and would be an absolute blessing to anyone who would take the time to request them. The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy is a real eye-opener. I am sharing mine with any of my family members I can persuade to read it!

G. J., Gbongan City, Nigeria

Your articles "Papal Primacy?" coming side-by-side with "The Sign of Jonah" (March-April 2009) were able in a few pages to bring into focus the deception people have fallen under by entrusting their salvation to the doctrines of men. Thank you for your dedication to the truth and service of God Almight, His Son and all who seek His face.

S. R., Lovelady, TX

Wow! I have just read your booklet, The Bible: Fact or Fiction? I can't believe what I just read about the Bible. I have learned so much in just 42 short pages. The booklet clearly teaches and gives such easy to understand proof, and it is backed by scripture. This book is not to be sold, but it should be on the New York Times bestseller list!

D. K., La Mesa, TX

In your article titled "The Sign of Jonah" (March-April 2009), it came as a total surprise to read on page 25, "He [Christ] rose sometime Saturday night." Yet Jesus died in the ninth hour, with three hours left in the day. I strongly suggest a "correction note" be given.

L. W., Fairview, MO

Editor's Note: The key point of the article was, simply, that Jesus Christ died on Wednesday afternoon, was buried shortly before sunset that day, and rose 72 hours later—near the end of the Sabbath on what we today would call "Saturday." Certainly, misunderstandings and confusions can easily enter when people try to use the midnight-to-midnight days of the Roman calendar to discuss the biblical sunset-to-sunset days, and we know that in casual use people sometimes use the phrase "night" to mean a time late in the day, without regard to sunset—especially during times of the year when sunset occurs after 6:00 p.m. Considering the potential for misunderstanding, it would have been better for the article to stick to "before sunset" rather than introduce the potential confusion of "Saturday night." Nevertheless, the biblical account is straightforward: Jesus Christ was raised from the grave after 72 hours, shortly before sunset on Saturday, whether you call that time "Saturday afternoon" or "Saturday evening" or "Saturday night." In any case, we appreciate your careful attention to the article, which shows that you, like so many Tomorrow's World readers, take seriously what we often say: "Don't believe us, believe your Bible!"

I wish to thank you and all at Tomorrow's World for the change you have brought and are constantly bringing to me in my thinking, reasoning and understanding of Scripture. I was in church all my life, and never, never heard the truth. I am a senior now, and the blessing of your teaching is great! I look forward to your booklets and magazines which are absolutely marvelous, and can hardly wait for the next one to arrive each time! Even as a child, I had a problem connecting the birth of Jesus our Lord and Savior with Santa Claus, and the profound meaning of our Savior's death with the Easter bunny. Thank you so much, and may our Lord bless you in your continued work for Him. It is amazing that you provide your literature free of charge. I am so very appreciative.

P. J., Norfolk, VA

Having just finished Lessons 13–16 of the Tomorrow's World Bible Study Course, I had to write to express my gratitude and share my blessings. It is wonderful to have our Lord's mysteries revealed! What you are providing for me is a transformation that is genuine!

M. A., San Luis, AZ


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