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Letters to the Editor

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Thanks so much for your programming and literature. I enjoy learning more about God, Jesus and the Bible. I learn something new each time I watch or read your information. I also like how you use the Bible to teach us and show us. 

S.R., Weyers Cave, VA

Your “Questions and Answers” segment about the validity of the symbol of the cross as a representation of Christians was a real eye-opener. I appreciate your article outlining the historical connection of the symbol of the cross with the Christian church. As was explained in the article, God forbids bowing down to any idol. I certainly enjoy reading the Tomorrow’s World magazine for the articles that are published. They are genuine and true to God’s word.

P.F., San Antonio, TX

I wanted to thank everyone at Tomorrow’s World because ever since I ordered the first booklet my life hasn’t been the same. Studying the material I receive from you, there is no doubt in my mind I’m headed down the right path. The Bible is so much fun when you can understand it, and with the help of all the Tomorrow’s World literature that is sent to me I know now I am understanding the way it is. I don’t just take your word, I look it up and read it for myself and ask God for understanding. I appreciate the hard work that Tomorrow’s World puts in to help people like me.

B.M., Dayton, TX

I have just completed your Bible Study Course and I want to let your readers know how marvelous it is. It is very easy to follow and extremely informative. Even though I have done a lot of Bible study over the years, I learned a lot of significant things that I had not come across before. I would recommend it to everyone, no matter how much they already know.

S.F., Wellington, New Zealand

A note to thank you for my Tomorrow’s World magazine. I enjoy reading and learning from it. I find that it is a big help to me as I was wondering why so many bad things are going on with people worldwide. It is all in such a big mess. I hope you are well and keep up this good work you are doing for God and all mankind for as long as you are able. I am 80 years old and still learning the good and true meaning of the Bible truths.

I.G., Cessnock, NSW, Australia

I am grateful to you for sending me Who or What Is the Antichrist?, Prophecy Fulfilled: God’s Hand in World Affairs, the January-February edition of the magazine, and the DVD entitled The Apostles’ Prophetic Journeys. These have opened my understanding. I am hoping to receive more of your booklets.

J.P., Polcenigo, Pordenone, Italy

Really appreciate your efforts! Thanks for giving me this honor to give me a chance to read your books. Really thankful to you!

F.A., Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Thank you very much for all the help you have given me for the past few years. I have just turned 94 years and through your booklets have a better understanding of the Bible.

E.V., Gatineau, QC, Canada


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