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Thank you for the July-August 2013 magazine with the cover article, “Your Glorious Destiny Beyond Death.” I immediately sat down to read it because I disagree with the same-sex marriages, and I’m so appalled that others have changed their minds to agree with them. God bless you all. Keep up the good work for God. May He continually bless you all with strength, courage and health in doing His Work. I’ve enjoyed all magazines that you sent to me.

P. P., Chicago, IL

I have been a longtime subscriber to the Tomorrow’s World magazine and have read many of the booklets. I was truly amazed and blessed by the booklet The Holy Days: God’s Master Plan. This booklet should be read by everyone who really wants to know the truth about God’s plan for man as revealed through the Holy Days that He ordained.

A. J., Flint, MI

Thank you all so much for helping to lead me into the real truth of God.  I have tried to study several church doctrines, and always felt that something wasn’t quite right in the way they taught the Bible. Since the day I first watched my first Tomorrow’s World program I finally understood what I was searching for.

C. T., Palmyra, MO

I “just happened” to come across your program, Tomorrow’s World, some Sundays ago, and I knew immediately the Lord had allowed me to experience or be privy to something out of the ordinary. The straight from the Bible messages you present are a much needed and refreshing change from all of the mainstream preaching going on today. I am truly blessed by it and so look forward to not only another Sunday night program, but also to the additional literature that I ordered via the telephone.

A. K., Windsor, CT

Your Tomorrow’s World is like food on the table—making the Holy Bible and its prophecies easily understood.

A. S., Minneapolis, MN

Thank you for the enlightening Bible Study Course you are giving me. It has helped clear the confusion I had on topics such as Lazarus and the rich man, and of the translation of Elijah and Enoch. I remain ever thankful and appreciative for the Tomorrow’s World magazine and the booklets you have sent me.

L. P., Livingstone, Zambia

The July-August 2013 issue of Tomorrow’s World is at hand and, if I may say so, it is the finest issue yet. It is being both corrective and uplifting, encouraging, and people may sense that there is hope after all. Your article on homosexuality may be one of the best, if not the best, on the subject. May this outstanding issue reach the farthest corners of the earth. I am truly grateful for your help.

H. L., Bronshoj, Denmark

I just wanted to thank you for helping me put my life in perspective through your magazines and helpful booklets. Instead of being concerned about “my purpose,” you have given me a global insight on God’s purpose and His divine will! So, thank you for opening and expanding my mind to the true essence of God. May God continue to bless you, your staff and this informative Work! Please send me your magazines without interrupt. Our nation is so isolated because of many ideological ideas and problems.

T. G., Asmera, Eritrea


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