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Letters to the Editor

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I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your informative magazines. Learning of the Feasts and the true Sabbath has changed my life. God bless you all and keep this true good news coming.

C.B., Everett, WA

I wrote your ministry to request of you a copy of anything that your ministry had on the secret rapture doctrine so very popular throughout contemporary Christendom. In response to my letter you sent back to me a published article by John H. Ogwyn entitled, "The Secret Rapture—False Hope For End-Time Christians!" And what a wonderful article it is!—This note is to thank you wholeheartedly for both your gracious spirit and timely gift of biblical insight that you sent to me at but cost to yourself. I love you people! And I thank God for you too.

J.C., Toledo, OH

I have enjoyed the booklets and magazines you have sent me. Also I would like to commend you for the work you've done in getting God's Word out to people. Tomorrow's World magazine has helped me understand the Bible much more clearly. Thank you for the many scriptural truths being taught and may God continue to bless your ministry.

D.S., Welland, ON, Canada

I wish to thank you all for all the letters and magazines. I read all many times and keep them all so I can read them again months and years later.

H.K., Cote Saint-Luc, QC, Canada

Just a note of thanks to let you know that studying the Bible with you has strengthened my faith even more in the apostolic doctrine.

E.T., York, ON, Canada

I would like to request that you please send me the Tomorrow's World magazine. My mother was a member and I know that Living Church of God is the only church she trusted, as I do. I would be grateful to continue a relationship. Thank you.

S.C., Moriarty, NM

I just finished reading for the third or fourth time the booklet Fourteen Signs Announcing Christ's Return. It is so true. I have learned so much from your magazine. I've often wondered if we die and go to heaven or the other place, what's the point in the resurrection. My! How we have been misguided. Again, thank you so much for revealing the truth.

L.T., Jerseyville, IL

The articles, stories and ideas you bring up in your magazine astound me! There are many, many interesting points that are brought up that force me to go to the Bible and learn more and for that I have to thank you! Your article on "The Enigmatic Human Brain," I thoroughly enjoyed and I am excited to see what there is in store for us readers in the future.

A.S., Armena, AB, Canada

I have been following this ministry for a year now, and I thank God for your free literature. I have been in a "false" religion, thinking I was doing what the Father of Abraham wanted me to do. These false doctrines, holidays and man-made rituals made me unaware of the Bible's true message! It is only after I began to read your literature that I began to "open" my eyes. I continue to pray for God's Truth. Your invaluable article entitled:  "Will God Bless You and Your Finances?" was truly an eye-opener! Bless you all!

T.H., Baltimore, MD


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