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I enjoyed the article on the early days of the Christian church and the Reformation (“500 Years of the Protestant Reformation,” March-April 2017). Enlightening. On the chronology of the Good Friday events (“Questions and Answers,” same issue), I understood that Mary went to the tomb on the Sunday morning because Saturday was their Sabbath (no work). If the crucifixion were on Wednesday, why would she have waited till Sunday?
Email from a Reader

Note from the Editor: There are several ways to prove the Wednesday crucifixion. For instance, one key detail that is often overlooked is that there were two Sabbaths that week. There was the annual High Day Sabbath (John 19:31), which takes place every year after the Passover Day, and there was the weekly seventh-day Sabbath. This is why the Bible describes the ladies as buying spices after one Sabbath (Mark 16:1), but preparing those spices before another Sabbath (Luke 23:56). This is not a contradiction, and Mark and Luke’s accounts match perfectly when we remember that there were two Sabbaths that week: an annual Sabbath and the weekly Sabbath. For much more information proving the Wednesday crucifixion, we invite you to study our free booklet, Easter: The Untold Story. You can request it from the Regional Office nearest you (listed on page 4) or you can find it online at TomorrowsWorld.org.

I thank you and the Tomorrow’s World team for taking the time to respond to my requests and for giving me information that is vital to living in today’s world. I’m grateful for this program. Keep on doing God’s work.
Reader in Jamaica

Please continue send me your wonderful magazine because the evidence you give with biblical quotes and factual statistics makes it such a wonderfully knowledgeable and inspiring magazine. No other magazine has opened my eyes and cleaned my mind as your magazine has done. I wait anxiously for each new magazine to come.
Reader in the Philippines

A friend has given me some of your Tomorrow’s World magazines, and I love them. You provide information that enables me to see what is going on in the world from a biblical perspective and to contemplate what action, if any, is appropriate for me as a Christian. Can I please subscribe to the magazine?
Reader—and new subscriber—in Australia

I would like to thank you for all the magazines and booklets I’ve received. They are very informative, powerful and mind-blowing. In short, Tomorrow’s World is doing an awesome job in taking the truth to the world, please don’t ever stop. Thank you, thank you, thank you and God bless you all.
Reader in South Africa

Thank you for your information regarding The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy. It leads to a great understanding of the Bible and its prophecies. It is very well researched. My own family history traces back to the High Kings of Ireland and the Milesian dynasty. Regarding the Bible studies, I have finished Lessons 1–4. Would you please send me Lesson 5–8 and the Lesson 1–4 test answer key? Your Tomorrow’s World magazines are very informative. Thank you for your assistance with my studies of the Bible.
Reader in Australia


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