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I would like to request the Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course. My family and I keep the Sabbath and Feast Days, and we are desperately trying to find a suitable church to join in our area and would like a pastor to be sent to us.
Reader from South Africa

Note from the Editor: We are delighted by your interest! A map of our congregational areas and contact information for local ministers and representatives can be found on our website LCG.org where you can click on the “Congregations” link. You can also write to one of the regional addresses listed in this magazine.

You really have a wonderful magazine. Your recent article about Martin Luther really was excellent. I especially liked your historical timeline! Your pictures in this article were also quite excellent. I Studied at a very good seminary, so I appreciate the very good spiritual teaching of your magazine. Mr. Roderick Meredith is an excellent bible teacher.

It is funny, the older I get I think that we are always in a spiritual reformation where many people need to get back to the simple and very powerful teachings of the Bible! It really is a very dynamic and relevant book! Thanks for all that you all do over there to spread God’s word!
Reader in Arizona

Very interesting and informative article (“Signal Hill,” Tomorrow’s World, March-April 2017) about one of mankind’s best uses of God’s creation. As great and necessary as Marconi’s work was, you might have mentioned the Canadian Reggie Fessenden’s contribution: the first two-way radiotelegraphic communication across the Atlantic Ocean (1906, only five years later). I look forward to more of your “500 years of the Protestant Reformation” series. Already very interesting [regarding] the predecessors and the politics of that age.
Reader in Florida

Should Christians Keep Christmas?” (November-December 2016) is one of the better articles I’ve read in Tomorrow’s World in many years. Being a Muslim I only believe in “Oneness” of God, which means God does not have a son nor a next of kin for that matter.

However, I totally agree with the author that Christmas is based on pagan traditions, symbols and days. And, yet I see ministers, parsons, pastors and clerics in churches wearing tiaras and other pagan attires, preaching but not practicing what the Bible says. Surely, they all must have read Jeremiah 10:2, “Do not learn the way of the Gentiles”—meaning God does not want His people worshiping Him using pagan ways.
Comment from the Internet

Note from the Editor: Thank you for your comments and observations. It is true, the devil has made the “Christianity” of this world a counterfeit of the true Christianity of the Bible. You may wish to request our free booklet Satan’s Counterfeit Christianity for more. Also, we hope you will study more about the identity of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. You might start with our article “Who Was the God of the Old Testament? (in our January-February 2009 issue).


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