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Letters to the Editor

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I have enjoyed and learned so much from the Tomorrow’s World magazine and the booklets I have received. The Bible Study Course was also fantastic. Thanks!

I have been reading the Reformation series: “The Truth Behind the Protestant Reformation.” It is so informative. Are there any plans to make available this information in an article reprint or a booklet?
Reader in California

Editor’s Note: We are, indeed, considering doing just that. Thank you for letting us know your interest, and stay tuned for any news in the next few issues!

I would like to know more about the Living Church of God. Are you like the Seventh-day Adventist Church?
Reader in South Africa

Editor’s Note: There is a common history between the two organizations, though they parted ways in the 1800s. When those who became a part of that organization began to leave certain biblical truths, the Church of God remained steadfast in those truths. You can read about it in our free booklet, God’s Church Through the Ages, which you can request from one of our Regional Offices listed on page 4 of this magazine. Or you can visit our website at TomorrowsWorld.org and click on “Find a Congregation” to contact a minister near you for more information.

Always tickled to hear from Tomorrow’s World. The most interesting and exciting books and magazine on Earth, and it’s God’s word, so I don’t have to wonder if it’s true. May God continue to bless this work.
Letter from a Reader

Thank you for enrolling me for your Bible Study Course.... Since I have been reading your books my understanding of God’s word has increased tremendously. I would like to thank you so much for the good work you are doing. Keep it up.
Email from a Reader

I am writing to request the booklet The Ten Commandments. I want to teach on this starting November 5th at my church, making it a 4-part series. Thanks for feeding me the true Word of God as I use it and feed others.
Reader in Virginia

Many thanks for all your very edifying words and for teaching the inconvenient and unpopular truths of God’s word. I found your regular Tomorrow’s World articles very helpful, and they are instructive and sound. I do share with my interested friends and colleagues. Please kindly keep sending and sharing all your valuable resources. May the Lord continue to bless you and the great work you are doing for the furtherance of the Gospel of Christ.
Email from a Reader

Believer or not, the whole magazine is “challenging”! From the initial summary (“If the Lord Is God,” September-October 2017) regarding the “challenge” confronting us all personally, to the reflective letters. It is profoundly relevant material which should be read by everyone who is interested in the future.
You’ve kindly sent me some copies which I will introduce to people I know, who should know better! God bless you all.
Email from a Reader


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