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We have received your publication for years. Thank you. In our view, it is one of the best available, and we trust it is spreading the word much better than most. We often watch the TV show and sorely miss Rod King—who I personally consider one of the best “evangelists” on television in this probable end time. He is missed.
Reader in South Carolina

I would like to thank you for all that your publication and church has done. Church history is pretty important to understanding truth. I also wanted to commend you on your May-June 2018 issue. There was an article on Stephen Hawking and another on black holes. Both had a very fair and scientifically sound treatment that was, quite frankly, very surprising coming from a Christian publication! I generally find a great deal of anti-science and often anti-intellectualism in Christian publications, [but] your articles appeared to treat both very respectfully! Just because some obnoxious atheists try to argue against God and use science as talking points to do so, does not make science the enemy! Science by itself is simply observations, evidence, testing, and conclusion about how God’s creation works.
Reader in Texas

Please do kindly keep my print subscription to the Tomorrow’s World magazine permanent. I have limited online access, and our electricity situation in the country is very poor—so erratic and unreliable. So please, I would always prefer hard copy/printed literature and other Living Church of God publications that you can send—but only whenever you are able to. Thank you so much for your Christian love and support.
Reader in Nigeria

This booklet [Marijuana: What They Aren’t Telling You] couldn’t have come at a better time. One of my relatives in his 30s is having a battle coming off “grass” long-term.
Reader in Australia

I am so sorry to disagree. I have never found marijuana in the Bible. All I found were passages about wine, and Christ said don’t drink too much and act the fool. Take that and applying it to present day. Everything is addicting—even food. Look around. I’m a retired nurse. Marijuana does good for many diseases and conditions. It’s an adult toy—not to be exposed to children. And those with addictions should not indulge. But we don’t all have addictive personalities. Please tell the whole truth if you’re to discuss it or publish your opinion.
Reader in New York

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your letter, but we hope you will do more diligent research. Certainly anything can be addicting, but—as our articles and our free booklet Marijuana: What They Aren’t Telling You explain and document—marijuana is damaging whether you are addicted or not. Calling something an “adult toy” is often, but not always, an excuse to indulge in behavior we know is wrong or harmful, made by those who should know better. Frankly, marijuana is no toy. You are correct that the Bible condemns intoxication regardless of the source. Wine in moderation does not produce intoxication and can actually provide health benefits. Marijuana is another story entirely. Please consider requesting our free booklet.


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