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This teaching [the booklet Twelve Keys to Answered Prayer] is absolutely life changing. It’s scary because for as long as I’ve been a Christian, I’ve been doing praying wrong, and if not for this teaching I would be still lost. It was after midnight and I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking to myself about the questions of how to pray or how do we know if we are praying right. That’s when I stumbled on this booklet.
E-mail from a Reader

Found this article by Douglas Winnail [“The Anglosphere’s Sobering Future,” September-October 2018] spot on and should be read by every person of the English-speaking nations. The excerpts from all the sources he quotes are so true. I can see no way the world can recover, even if they all believe in Jesus. The tipping point has passed.
Reader in Texas

I was thrilled with one of your latest television programs, which exposed the falsehoods of Darwin’s theory of evolution and accidental self-generation of the first animals on earth. Why should anyone with a brain accept the evolution of species or accidental generation of the first single-celled organisms?
Viewer in British Columbia

I’ve been getting this magazine for a little while now. I love it. I really like the way you make news from today make good sense biblically. I like the ideas that you present. Please keep sending this magazine to me—I read every issue from cover to cover. I also like the booklets I have gotten from you so far.
Reader in Virginia

I have been receiving Tomorrow’s World for some time, and really enjoy reading and sharing the information it contains. I have learned loads, which I believe is helping with my walk with God. May God bless and continue to bless your ministry as you bless us. Thank you very much.
Reader in the United Kingdom

I just discovered your streaming channel on my Roku device. I am so appreciative. In one hour, I have learned so much. I look forward to reading your magazine and booklets too! God bless all of you and your work for the kingdom.
Roku Viewer in Pennsylvania

[Concerning the booklet Fourteen Signs Announcing Christ’s Return, available online at TomorrowsWorld.org:] Informative website. I never studied the Bible before. I was Catholic until the age of 12 when I was confirmed, and thereafter stopped going to church. It took me 3 hours to go through this site. I’m glad I took the time.
E-mail from a Reader

When bad things happen to me or you, God can turn it into something good! Two years ago I had real bad seizures that almost killed me. I believed in Jesus, but I put work first, making money to support my family. I didn’t study the Bible as much. But after I had the seizures, I was very weak. So, I quit my job as a carpenter, fixing houses for the poor, and I started to watch church TV shows. I found out some churches were acting as a “club,” not a church. One day, I found Tomorrow’s World, and it was wonderful. Finally, there is a church speaking the truth. You opened my eyes. I am very happy for what you are doing and very grateful.
Reader in Alaska


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