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I just finished reading the booklet entitled The Beast of Revelation: Myth, Metaphor or Soon-Coming Reality? This booklet is truly incredible! A wonderful witness of God Almighty. I am so thankful for the work that the Living Church of God is doing. This is biblical information that I have never heard in any other church. May God continue to bless your faithful service.
Subscriber in Texas

I have found that a lot of critics of the Bible either do not read it, or else they cherry-pick the information that supports their opinion. In the latter cases, I have found that the information is taken out of context, and when you read the surrounding verses, the opposite of what they think is indicated. I know this, for up until five years ago, I was in that category. Since I became a member of the Living Church of God and began studying the Bible on a daily basis, I have discovered the truth that is in that Bible. It has completely changed my life.
Subscriber in Alberta

Editor’s Note: We are glad to hear it! Anyone interested in information about a nearby congregation of the Living Church of God, sponsor of this magazine, or hearing from a local representative can find more information on TomorrowsWorld.org. Just click on “Find a Congregation.” You can also contact one of our Regional Offices, using the information listed on page 4.

Hello, I have just received a subscription magazine through post and I would like to express my gratitude for all the magazines we receive from Tomorrow’s World. My father and I look forward to reading them. Thank you very much.
Subscriber in the United Kingdom

Thank you for being such an invaluable tool in my path to Christ and for so many others! I appreciate your in-depth study guides, very reliable research, and knowledge-backed Bible guidance. I always look forward to my next booklet!
Reader in British Columbia

So glad your article [“Why Observe Easter—The Hunt for the Truth,” March-April 2019] came out and exposes how we’ve been being deceived. I’m making copies to give to some of the churches I’ve attended.
Email from a Reader

This 88-year-old man has been further enlightened by your article on the subject of Sharia Law [in the March-April 2019 issue]. The mockery of Christianity in our society by the godless and the plain ignorant is now applauded. What would happen if the cowards in Hollywood who promote immorality and ridicule Christianity dared make a movie mocking Islam? They wouldn’t dare, because the reaction from Muslims would be too frightening. Not so for Christianity. Our watered-down version of Christianity, endorsed by compliant so-called ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, would remain silent. Shalom from Australia.
Reader in Queensland

Erratum: On page 30 of the September-October 2019 issue, the article incorrectly states that 50 million soldiers and civilians had died in World War I. This mistake was an artifact of the editing process, not the author’s writing. Accurate figures were provided on page 9 of the same issue. We apologize for the error.


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