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Letters to the Editor

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Dear Tomorrow’s World—I wish to thank you so much for helping me and my family on our spiritual journey seeking the true living God. Your literature has really helped us a lot. Our family has suffered so much over the years that our faith has truly been knocked, but your literature has helped us regain some of our faith.

—Subscriber in the United Kingdom

Thank you for providing your literature free of charge. I am currently out of work due to a train accident resulting in a leg amputation and am not exactly financially stable. Without your literature, I would not be able to so easily study and explain what l believe. I have wished many times I could get all of your items at once plus be placed on a mailing list for future items. I will continue to pray for all those working in His service and will always look forward to everything I order and am blessed to receive from you. Again, thank you for everything you do in His name.

—Subscriber in South Carolina

I would just like to say, regarding the story of Abigail, Nabal, and David, it was an amazing read! It came at a perfect time for me. The Lord led me to your website and to this story to address a situation in my own life. I just want to thank you for the walk you are taking with our Lord in bringing literature and written stories with key Bible verses to take people into their Bibles! God bless you!

—Subscriber in Washington

Editor’s Note: The article read by this subscriber was “A Quiet and Gentle Heroine” and was found on our website, TomorrowsWorld.org. We publish a number of items on our website that do not appear in our print magazine. You can also subscribe to our electronic Tomorrow’s World Digest there and receive a weekly email with links to such items.

Thank you so much. I am loving learning this information. I am working towards understanding what it means to be a good Christian and follow the word of God. Your booklets are a great help in understanding, and I am very grateful. God bless you.

—Reader in Quebec

I am utterly shocked and deeply saddened to learn this, but I am also glad that I did! Thank you for showing me how I have been taught to insult God. I need help learning the right holy days and how to keep them.

—Email from a reader

Editor’s Note: This reader is referring to our online commentary “Green Trees and Jesus,” discussing the origin of Christmas trees. If you are interested in learning more about the Holy Days of the Bible, consider requesting our free booklet The Holy Days: God’s Master Plan, available from any of the Regional Offices listed on page 4.

Dear Living Church of God folks—I am a longtime subscriber of Tomorrow’s World and send in occasional donations. First, thank you for your excellent publication. I almost always read every issue cover to cover. It is so interesting and insightful, with up-to-the-minute subject matter, as well as thoroughly researched history that is so relevant to what is going on in the world today! I am also grateful that it is apparently leading many others to the truth in Jesus Christ. Thank you.

—Subscriber in Maine


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