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Lately I have been receiving your free magazines and I appreciate them. Reminding me of God’s goodness and sovereignty, your inspirational stories and write-ups make me even closer to Him. Thank you for your kind gesture of reaching out to us, especially in this time of pandemic, and for me personally, who am in my deepest “down” moments, now. God indeed used your organization to strengthen my spiritual life and [help me to] continue believing and trusting His will over the difficult trials I am facing recently. Thank you for being a blessing to people around the world. May our Almighty Father bless your organization more and more.

—Subscriber in the Philippines

I know we are in rare times, and I am interested in finding a Living Church of God in my area. I have been watching Tomorrow’s World telecasts for a while and am interested in getting in contact with a local congregation. Thank you.

—Viewer in Kentucky

Editor’s Note: These are rare times, indeed! And we pray that God blesses you in your effort to seek Him. Anyone interested in speaking with a local representative of the Living Church of God, sponsor of the Tomorrow’s World magazine, can contact one of our Regional Offices or visit our homepage at TomorrowsWorld.org and click “Meet the Church Behind TW.

I am grateful for your program, Tomorrow’s World. I’ve always experienced hatred and rejection because I always wanted to understand and know the truth and to worship God in spirit and truth. I grew up in a very legalistic church that believed and practiced traditions I can’t find in the Bible. I know that I will experience more hatred and rejection, even from my loved ones. But I always remember what Jesus said to His disciples: “If they hated Me, they will hate you also.”

—Reader in Australia

Reading this magazine has opened my eyes to see many things that I didn’t understand. Thanks to our Creator and this group of teachers. Through the wisdom given to you, I can see more clearly those things that were once a puzzle. Thank you for remembering me when it is time to mail the magazine.

—Reader in Florida

Thank you, I have enclosed a small donation. I have received so much great information and learned so much! Tomorrow’s World is on top of everything. I am 83 years old, and I have learned far more from you than I ever did in church. You are truly a blessing. I look forward to everything I receive from you!

—Subscriber in Texas

John 14:1–3 is why I cannot be a co-worker with you unless you are willing to repent. Thank you for the offer. I like your magazine, but you are leading people to hell with your Millennium teaching. Sorry but sometimes the truth hurts, but truth is truth even if we don’t like it.

—Subscriber in North Carolina

Editor’s Note: Thank you for writing, and you are correct; truth is truth! That’s why we’d recommend that you reconsider your misunderstanding of the Bible’s teaching concerning the “mansions” Christ is preparing. Properly understanding that passage helps to prove the very teaching you are decrying. To prove this for yourself, and to learn what that passage means, please request our free booklet What Happens When You Die?—available at any of the Regional Offices listed at our website.


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