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Please accept my many thanks for your informative publications. I like to check what you say with the Bible. I can see the world turning more and more sinful with accepting “gay marriage” [and] transvestites and the effect they are having on the young generation. As you know, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. I am 77 years young and live alone—not really, I live with Jesus through my Bible study plus an array of books to give me a clearer understanding of Bible times. So, once again, I say “thank you.”

—Subscriber in Tasmania

I just finished reading Satan’s Counterfeit Christianity and I feel I need to reread it a few more times. Thank you for producing this content. I sincerely thank you! Almost everyone around me isn’t acting on any deep sense of “chasing” God. They are walking in this world like it is all just another day. Even my pastor just seems so passive, positive but passive, and not supporting anyone who needs a religious exemption. Thank you for sounding the Shofar!

—Subscriber in Illinois

Her majesty has set such a good example on family life and duty. I was brought up together with my brother and sister in a [Church of England] family as were Prince Charles and Prince Andrew in Her Majesty’s family. But, very sadly, the two princes and my family members suffered from the same type of immorality which occurs with [many] Anglicans. It seems to boil down to a nominal type of Christianity which is practised rather than the actual integrity of biblical Christianity. But I’m continually praying that the actual high standards of biblical Christianity will be re-established again in this country.

—Subscriber in the United Kingdom

Mr. Smith, your article entitled “The Credibility Crisis” was well written, documented, and most helpful! Your explanation made clear that trust is being torn down and [gave] great examples of how this is happening. There are many more positive things regarding your article, but I’ll summarize: great article!

—Subscriber in Kentucky

Please don’t send me your magazine anymore. I ripped up the latest edition after reading “The Credibility Crisis.” Donald Trump did NOT divide the country for four years. The liberal media did. Trump was a godsend. He wasn’t a globalist in favor of the NWO [New World Order] so they demonized him for four years and continue to do so even today. You can keep your magazine and shove it right up your [expletive deleted] you [expletives deleted]!

—Subscriber in New Hampshire

Editor’s Note: We realize that several causes contribute to a divided nation, as our article “The Credibility Crisis” documents. At Tomorrow’s World, we do not take political sides—even in today’s world where having no political allegiance seems to offend just as many as having one does. Rest assured, Tomorrow’s World has no political loyalties and will continue to publish the truth of God’s word—without apology—regardless of how unpopular telling the truth becomes and regardless of the increasing sensitivities of the world in which we live. We appreciate the patience of our readers who look past our human imperfections to the spiritual truths we are privileged to preach, and we appreciate, as well, the humility of those readers who are able to set aside their own sensitivities and biases to consider what God seeks to show them. Such patience and humility is rare in the world today, but is needed more than ever.


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