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Please pass on to Wallace G. Smith my congratulations on his article “Lost in the Multiverse,” featured in the April–May 2022 magazine. Although a retired attorney, I have studied for the past 40 years the “advances” in cosmological theories about the “multiverse.” Mr. Smith does a splendid job of explaining the various theories in a simple but concise way. He makes the obvious point that in scientific inquiries, the simplest explanation is usually the best explanation. Unfortunately, many brilliant minds are truly deceived. Such a shame.

—Subscriber in Florida

At first, I didn’t like your magazine. After all what Christian wants to give up Christmas and Easter? Who really wants the truth? Sunday is day 1. Saturday is the 7th day of the week. So easy—so true—why had I not even thought about that? You cannot un-ring the bell! Once that truth came to light, I find other things are now being questioned and with your help answers are coming to light also; biblical truth and where to find it. It cost me nothing. I only had to open up, to accept truth, to listen and evaluate for myself—to “ask and receive.” Thank you—now I want all my family to know what you have helped me understand.

—Subscriber in California

I would be most grateful to keep receiving your wonderful and informative magazine Tomorrow’s World. The magazine offers an understanding of events that are happening and events that are going to happen in the future to a world that has largely rejected God our Creator, Saviour, Redeemer, Justifier, Father, King, and Lord. Our future rests in Him.

—Subscriber in Victoria, Australia

I cannot thank you enough for your program and the learning material which were sent to me. What I respect about your broadcasts is that everything is truly out of the Bible and you ask your audience to read along, to check out these scriptures. Thank you and may God keep Tomorrow’s World broadcast for a long time.

—Subscriber in Illinois

Thank you for the booklets God’s Church Through the Ages and John 3:16—very informative. They both filled in so many gaps in the knowledge I possessed at the time. I checked y’all out for nearly three years before I began to tithe to this Church. Tried since February 2019 to prove falsehood in your words on TV or in the literature y’all produce. Can’t. Checked y’all six ways to Sabbath Day—you’re right. Thank you for being real.

—Subscriber in Texas

I would just like to thank you for giving me the free wonderful Bible study course. I love participating in it and I really enjoy doing it. I’ve certainly learned a lot about the Bible. Thank you for also sending me the various books which you freely give on your Sunday morning TV programme on Channel 7TWO. I watch it every Sunday and it’s great to learn more about God.

—Subscriber in Queensland, Australia