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Thank you so much for your article “Is Christmas a Pagan Holiday?” This is my first year of completely not celebrating anything to do with Christmas. I have learned so much that I cannot turn back now. So, I now make a copy of this article and give it to my relatives and prayerfully hope they read it with a sincere heart. Blessed are those who worship the Father in spirit and in truth.

—Subscriber in Ohio

Editor’s Note: Thank you for letting us know, and we pray your walk with God and Jesus Christ grows ever closer! If you are interested in finding a congregation of like-minded people who observe the days set aside in the Bible for worship, visit the “Meet the Church Behind TW” section of our website, or contact the Regional Office closest to you.

Just a few lines to let you know I have really appreciated the Tomorrow’s World magazine. I have been getting your magazine now for some time and watch your Tomorrow’s World TV show every week. I just want to thank you so much for your magazine and telecast keeping me updated on worldly events and Bible prophecy and all true Bible doctrines and teachings. I have done all of your Bible courses and have completed all of the booklets. I have learned so many things I never knew about before—all truths of the Bible and not traditions of men. I have truly been blessed.

—Subscriber in Ohio

Thank you for your wonderful magazine. It’s a real treasure to me. I’m 81 years old, soon to be 82 and been a Christian longer than I can count. But I have learned things in your booklets that I have never heard before from any of the Baptist preachers I have had. I just finished reading “Is Christmas a Pagan Holiday?” [in the December 2020 issue]. I was shocked to say the least. But also, reading about Easter, I guess I should not be surprised. Please send me The Holy Days: God’s Master Plan. I need to read more now. Thank you.

—Subscriber in Nebraska

I am 35 years of age and am writing in response to one of your books, The Beast of Revelation: Myth, Metaphor, or Soon-Coming Reality? I have finished reading and I believe everything it says. I grew up in the Samoan Independent Seventh Day Adventist Church listening to Bible prophecy. I no longer go to church, but I haven’t forgotten about the Sabbath observance and prophecies. I feel the need to study more and would like to request for the publications you have, including the Bible Study Course, booklets, and the Tomorrow’s World magazine. Thank you.

—Subscriber in Queensland, Australia

I love your subjects on at 8:00 a.m. on CW. I watch every Sunday and learn something new as I repent from old teachings. So glad I found it on TV and I tell the folks I know. I taught Sunday School for 13 years [to] adults. Very hard and set in old beliefs. It’s a great job y’all do.

—Subscriber in Georgia


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