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Letters to TW

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I’m on a fixed income and so grateful to find free literature to read. I’m reading The Ten Commandments right now and love it, and will soon start the Bible Study Course. I can’t wait. Thank you for being there and God bless you. I have a brain injury and your small books are perfect for me to understand because they are easy to understand and I can remember what I learn. Thank you again.

—Subscriber in Ohio

Thank you for my subscription to Tomorrow’s World. I was especially blessed by your recent article on Hell. I was very glad to learn that non-believers will not suffer eternally in Hell. That answers one of the chief objections that non-believers have about Christianity. Keep up the good work.

—Subscriber in Florida

Hello, I have been receiving your magazine for several years now. Always useful. (I share it with others.) The article “Planet Earth: Your Inheritance” is the best article ever. Mr. Ames presents the information in a concise, logical, and straightforward way, the best for this topic that I have read over my lifetime. As a student of Eschatology over decades, this is the first time the subject of where we end up and when has been presented in a cogent way. And with scriptural references all the way through. Thank you.

—Subscriber in British Columbia

Thank you for regularly sending me issues of Tomorrow’s World. I am an avid reader of this magazine. It helps me learn more about the Bible and develop my spiritual wellbeing. Every item in it is so good that I often quote sentences verbatim in our weekly Bible study. I collect every issue and review specific topics during my quiet time. May the Lord continue to bless this publication and its people as they spread The Good News, giving hope to many people like me worldwide. To God be the glory!

—Subscriber in New South Wales

The Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course has really changed my life. Now I understand things that are happening to me in a clearer way and I’m actually coping dealing with a different challenge every day. I’m really blessed and now my faith is even stronger. Thanks to you for educating me and taking the time to send me the literature I need, and I finally have most of my answers I have been asking God my entire life.

—Subscriber in South Africa

Is there a congregation of believers anywhere close to Morgan City, Louisiana? Years ago, my mother used to listen to one of your founding fathers on the radio, Mr. Armstrong. I’m 78 years young and I enjoy reading your literature daily.

—Reader in Louisiana

Editor’s Note: We’re glad to hear it! For any of our readers who are interested in attending a congregation of the Living Church of God, information can be found by contacting one of our Regional Offices listed on page 4 of this magazine or by visiting TomorrowsWorld.org and clicking on “Meet the Church Behind TW” near the bottom of the home page.

Errata: On page 17 of our July 2023 issue, we incorrectly made reference to the “late” Tom Brokaw—the retired NBC News journalist is very much alive, having successfully battled multiple myeloma for more than a decade. Furthermore, on page 10 of our August 2023 issue, we confused the regency years of England’s King George IV with his years of reign (1820–1830). We apologize for these errors.


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