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Natural Disasters

Who Controls the Weather?

Fires and floods ravage the nations of the Western world. Drought, disease and the suffering they bring are becoming routine to hundreds of millions around the world. What is God's role in all this? Why are weather disturbances increasing, and what lesson should individual Christians learn as a result?

Why Earthquakes?

From Haiti to Chile, from China to Sumatra, our planet has been devastated by truly powerful earthquakes in recent years. And your Bible indicates that many more earthquakes are on the way. Why would a loving God permit such tragedies? How will these events affect you and your loved ones? And what can you do to prepare? You need to know!

WHO Controls the Weather?

Natural disasters: sometimes people call earthquakes, massive storms, and other phenomenon “acts of God.” There is more truth to this statement than most realize. In this program, God’s hand in world events is explained, including how He uses the natural world to accomplish His will.

Reaping the Whirlwind

Disasters leave a mark long after they have passed. People still hope for the best, and are look forward to the return of the former good times. What lessons can we learn about preparing for the future and surviving whatever comes our way? You need to know what your Bible says!

How to Watch World Events

Earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, droughts, and all sorts of disasters are increasing all around the world. There is news of mounting food shortages, and long-established governments are facing overthrow by militants. How do these events fit into the overall picture of end-time prophecy? What do they reveal about the return of Jesus Christ? You need to know how to watch prophetic events!