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Natural Disasters

What on Earth Is God Doing?

Just when we think we are over one crisis, another seems to come right along. Is the media just reporting too much news for us to absorb? Or are we approaching the end of the world as we know it? What we can know for certain is that God knows what is going on, and that there is good news around the corner!

Reaping the Whirlwind

Disasters leave a mark long after they have passed. More than five years after Hurricane Katrina displaced thousands in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast, the region still feels the effects of that powerful storm. People are hoping for the best, and are looking forward to the return of the former good times. What lessons can we learn about preparing for the future and surviving whatever comes our way? You need to know what your Bible says!

Summer Fruit

A recent trip to a local outdoor produce market revealed a wide variety of locally grown produce on display, including many vegetables as well as colorful fruits such as strawberries, peaches and plums—beautiful things to eat. It is the beginning of the season, and the fruits and vegetables are fresh and plentiful. The abundance was amazing, and the market was buzzing as people milled about selecting the items they found appealing.