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My husband and I are avidly gathering a collection of the booklets you have produced, and cannot wait for the next ones to arrive. We are absolutely enjoying them and have learned so much ever since our path has crossed with yours. We truly feel that God has called us and has used your booklets, magazines and DVDs to do so. It is our deepest desire to be true followers of Christ sharing the journey to eternity with other true disciples. Thanks to your excellent work we are once again confident of God's love and ongoing work within us and our lives. Thank you for what you do.

D. D., Maitland, WCP, South Africa

Thank you for the excellent March-April 2011 issue, with its spot-on articles covering "Space Wars" and "A Man Without Vengeance?" I would also like to thank you for the "Tomorrow's Youth" column, with its many focused articles to help parents and children.

E., Tennessee Colony, TX

"The Handwriting on the Wall" (January-February 2011), describing America's moral decay, was certainly written from a Christian perspective. But three times the author wrote the oxymoron "Judeo-Christian"— twice himself and once by citing another author. That oxymoron—placing an adjective of a non-Christian ethnicity in front of the word Christian—is something that frequently comes from America's anti-Christ "Christian" establishment and not from a "little flock" that often preaches outside that establishment. Lastly, are people really writing the letters you print or do you always just use initials to identify the writers because you're writing the letters yourselves?

K. R., Bronx, NY

Editor's Note: First, regarding your last point, people really are writing the letters we print (as you the writer will now know). We do edit for space and clarity. For example, your letter raised several points, while this note will address only two. Next, regarding the use of the term "Judeo-Christian," you seem to be confusing two historical facts—first that most professing Jews and Christians have rejected the true teachings of their faiths, and second that the modern descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh have often expressed their legal and social worldviews in terms of what they call a "Judeo-Christian" tradition, which they consider to be drawn from their limited understandings of the shared ethical traditions of those faiths, as found in the Ten Commandments. Just as we do not shy away from the term "Christianity" even though billions of people practice a false Christianity, neither should we shy away from the simple historical designation of "Judeo-Christian" when it is used not to describe God's true religion, but rather to indicate the simple historical fact of how modern Western nations have come to define themselves.

In your March-April 2011 issue, I found a very interesting article titled, "Girls Are Girls No More." I really enjoyed this article and I agree with its contents. Girls are being exposed to inappropriate behaviors and sexual outrages too early in their lives. I would like to request your Successful Parenting: God's Way booklet, as I feel it would help me to continue to be a focused, single Christian parent.

V. L., Franklin, VA

I am writing because I have been moved and deeply inspired by the article titled: "What Is the Meaning of Your Life?" in your January-February 2011 issue. And I want to now request that you send me the free booklet titled, Your Ultimate Destiny. I am truly thankful for true Christians and the encouraging work they do for the Lord Almighty.

M. G., Delano, CA

I would like to thank Tomorrow's World for all that I've learned from your articles and telecasts. Nowadays, Jesus is portrayed so differently compared to what the Bible actually says. Tomorrow's World has helped to clarify scripture for me. Since tuning into your programs I have never been more inspired. I mainly listen to your telecasts and read your articles when I am working out and exercising. You see, the word of God gives me drive! It is imperative that we know the accurate word of God. Tomorrow's World helps to make that possible for me.

M. M., Windsor, ON, Canada


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