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Your book on marijuana is so inaccurate and full of Nixon-era disinformation. How can you be accurate on Bible meaning and so wrong on marijuana? The FDA just approved a marijuana-based medicine to treat epilepsy in kids.
Email from a Reader

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your comment, and we hope you will read our articles and booklet on this subject more closely. All were written using recent medical and scientific research. And, as we discuss in our materials, medicines such as the one you have mentioned (Epidiolex) use only the non-hallucinogenic ingredient from cannabis, not the psychoactive THC ingredient. This is not the same as so-called “medical marijuana,” which retains the hallucinogenic element. Our free booklet Marijuana: What They Aren’t Telling You provides helpful detail and up-to-date research on this controversial substance.

Thank you so very much for this interesting article about music. It seems that each generation has its own style and “beat.” Sometimes I wish the music industry would go back in time to when songs had meaning and purpose to life, not someone “yelling their heads off” or “beating or playing the same notes over and over again” with no meaning or purpose to their music.
From an Online Reader

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I watched your Tomorrow’s World television program, “The Secret of the Seven Churches” on my cell phone. As Rod McNair was explaining each church and its era, I recognized teachings I remember from Herbert W. Armstrong, the founder of the Worldwide Church of God. Can you please send me instructions about what I must do to become a member of Living Church of God?
Viewer in Illinois

Editor’s Note: We’re glad you recognized us! Mr. Armstrong was, indeed, our predecessor in this Work, and it is a privilege to continue what God began through him. You can find an interactive map of our congregational locations and contact information for each one by going to our home page at TomorrowsWorld.org and clicking on the “Find a Congregation” link near the bottom. You can also call or write to one of our regional addresses, listed on page 4 of this magazine.

It is always enjoyable to read the truth as it is always given by these gifted teachers at Tomorrows World. God’s message going out to all who are inspired to read and willing to put into practice God’s way of living as described in our Bibles. God will always reward those who genuinely make the effort to follow His will.
Reader in New Zealand

I would like you to continue shipping Tomorrow’s World magazine to me. It has given me great revelation and understanding of the works of God’s hands. My mind is no longer veiled from the gospel (good news). I have decided to request the booklet, Marijuana: What They Aren’t Telling You.
Reader in Kenya


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