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Thank you so much for this article [“Why Observe Easter?,” March-April 2019] and the “Easter” booklet. I’ve been trying to explain to family/friends why we should stop following man-made traditions. Your work and these articles are so beneficial to opening eyes and ears. I’ve always questioned how Friday night to Sunday morning was three days and three nights. Thank you for your time and research to explain it. May you be blessed in all you do.
Subscriber in Washington

Thank you very much for inviting me to your lecture about God yesterday. It was very good. One never hears this type of lecture in mainstream churches. We had a bad snowstorm that day but most people attended.
Subscriber and Presentation Attendee in Alberta

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I have been trying to eradicate the ridiculous story of Easter that is being told in the church that I attend, with some success. After hearing your presentation on TV, I was thrilled. I recommended your book on Easter [Easter: The Untold Story] to others and they are going to order it. God bless you and thank you immensely.
Viewer in Wisconsin

I’m the son of a minister/professor and a former student of a university in my denomination. I’ve been active in the “church” ministry. At age 59, I decided to reinforce my traditional beliefs through the study of nothing but scripture. I used no commentaries. This action resulted in a crisis for me. Rather than reinforcing my traditional beliefs, it destroyed them. My wife and I left the “church” to start a home Bible study. I’m now 63. I just found you. I’m cautiously liking what I hear.
Email from a Reader

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[Re: “Do not Speak Evil of a Ruler,” an online Tomorrow’s World commentary] This is a very timely message for me, as I have been struggling with having to listen to what I feel are insincere but politically correct utterances in the wake of the events in Christchurch, NZ, and the seeming absence of the same following the Sri Lanka atrocity. I have to remember I am neither judge or avenger following such events, and that God will do both with godly justice. I think I may have to do “news fasts” for a while.
Reader in New Zealand

Thank you for the encouraging words. You’ve really removed a big block that was in front of my eyes, and also a big question is answered: What will happen to loved ones who do not know Christ? Thank you for enlightening us! God bless you!
Reader in India

Editor’s Note: We are glad we could help! That is a huge question for many people, and the real answer is remarkably encouraging and biblically unimpeachable. If you are struggling with the same question, please consider requesting our free booklet Is This the Only Day of Salvation? And be sure to read it with your Bible open!


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