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I have read The Real God: Proofs and Promises by Douglas S. Winnail. And it is the very best book. Informed, intellectual, knowledgeable. Dr. Winnail is brilliant. His writing skills are excellent.

Subscriber in Mississippi

As a British grandmother, I just wanted to say I only recently came across your program by chance, on a UK Christian TV channel the other day, and I really enjoyed watching and listening to you. The program was so well presented, articulated, easy to understand, professionally produced, etc., and I really appreciate and thank you all for the telecast, and that you even offered amazing literature for FREE! God bless all that you are trying to do to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to build His Kingdom on earth. With kind regards and many blessings on your ministry.

Subscriber in Bristol, UK

I’m 16, [and my] spiritual journey really just started “hitting” last year in 2020. I’ve tried to tell myself to move forward, and I could only realistically do that with the help of the Most High Himself. I couldn’t open up to anyone but to Him about these things, and look at where I am now. Being able to read and listen to all these resources from you guys has been so encouraging and has inspired me to study more fervently. I’m praying for your work, and am so grateful to be a part of a work that spreads this hope.

Reader in New Zealand

I appreciate the articles you send via email. They help keep my mind focused on God. I also watch your Sunday morning broadcast on TV. Can you imagine if America returned to following God’s commandments? Keep up the great work! The Lord bless thee and keep thee!

Subscriber in New York

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I just want to extend a very deep heart-filled thank you to your organization. The literature and magazines are much appreciated and have answered questions that I have had. I started going to one of your congregations. I was excited to find fellowship with others who believed the same things as myself. I bury myself in my Bible and the literature I receive from your organization, and I am thankful that you make it available to me. I have led some friends to your website and will continue my work to bring others to the truth. Thank you all for your hard work in helping people to understand our world and the things that surround us during these trying times.

Subscriber in the United States

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