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Dear Gerald E. Weston: Please excuse my handwriting. My computer is not working at the present time. However, I felt that I needed to write to you regarding my subscription to Tomorrow’s World. Your magazine is greatly appreciated and is very timely with current world events. I read it from cover to cover. This is what every person needs to read to understand what the Bible says about the time we’re living in. Things and events change rapidly. I also want to thank your staff for their input and articles. Keep up the good work you are doing.

—Subscriber in Colorado

Incredible show today [referring to the Tomorrow’s World telecast “Cold War Secrets Revealed!”] and the study guide offered, along with the topic, was just astounding. We came so close to a massive missile strike from the U.S. It stands to reason the Soviets (at that time) would have retaliated—logically, Britain, France, and Israel would have also fired their missiles. The Israelis would have wiped out the Muslim world. Please send me that study guide, Armageddon and Beyond. Those stories would be a great read too.

—Viewer in Australia

I appreciate the Tomorrow’s World magazine. I think you should be a man if you are a man and be a woman if you are a woman. It is a slap in God’s face what is happening. There is no right or wrong anymore in the world. Thank you, Mr. Weston, for your letter to subscribers regarding this.

—Subscriber in Michigan

I have really appreciated the letters and magazines, which we have been receiving for some time now. You are not afraid to “tread where angels fear to go” and open up the page on topics often hidden and put aside.

—Subscriber in Australia

Will you please stop disrespecting our Roman and Byzantine Catholic Church? We do not condemn your Protestant churches. Please respect our Lord and Savior’s one true holy apostolic church founded by Christ himself making Peter/Petrus the first pope. The holy mass is 100% biblically based.

Subscriber in Ohio

Editor’s Note: Our goal is not to show anyone disrespect—rather, we believe in preaching the truth and letting people decide for themselves. The fact is that Jesus did not make Peter the first pope and that many of the teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic church are unscriptural. In fact, the Living Church of God, sponsor of this magazine, is neither Roman Catholic nor Protestant! If you are interested in tracing the history of the true, biblical Church of God from its founding to the present day, we recommend our free booklet God’s Church Through the Ages. It is available online at our website or from any of the Regional Offices listed on page 4 of this issue.

God willing, your publications have helped turn my life around. I so look forward to everything I receive in my mail pertaining to the word of God.

—Subscriber in Kansas


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