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Letters to TW

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I am a retired single mother who is the caretaker for my beautiful 51-year-old handicapped daughter. My son married and has three young children. I know about the old radio ministry of H. W. Armstrong. I received his Plain Truth magazine when I was a young woman in Mississippi. More recently, I have received booklets and articles from your church. I now believe that I was raised for decades in a counterfeit Protestant religion. I would like to know if there is a group from your church holding meetings in a town near me. I also need information telling me how the Holy Days are kept, and what is permissible for the keeping of the Sabbath.

Subscriber in South Carolina

Editor’s Note: We’re thrilled to have helped you in your search for the truth! Anyone interested in information about a nearby congregation of the Living Church of God, sponsor of this magazine, or hearing from a local representative can find more information at TomorrowsWorld.org. Just click on “Meet the Church Behind TW.” You can also contact one of our Regional Offices, listed here.

I am finding your booklets to be full of truth and lining up with the Bible. Please thank the baptized members who pay tithes and pay for this valuable truth. I’m incarcerated but God willing I will be out in a couple years and I can give back to what has been freely given to me. I cannot view your Tomorrow’s World telecast but I can read and study your booklets that line up with scripture and help me understand the Bible.

Subscriber in Arizona

Thank you for your magazine, books, and booklets, and for telecasts. I watch them through YouTube and they are very informative and awakening. I was a prospective member in the Worldwide Church of God in the late 80s and early 90s. For over 30 years I could not fit anywhere else until I came across the Living Church of God on YouTube and contacted [the South African Regional Office]. They directed me to Pastor Simon Muthama, whom I met, and I attend the Sabbath services in Nairobi. I live about 30 km from Nairobi. The Feast of 2023 was my first with LCG. I have no doubt the LCG is the church started in AD 31, revived by Herbert Armstrong in the 1930s, again revived by Dr. R. C. Meredith in the 90s. God bless you as you continue with the great work.

Subscriber in Kenya

Thank you for all your teachings on God and the Bible. You make God’s words easier to understand and explain everything in a plain and simple way. Your program has been a blessing from God. Thank you for offering your free magazine and booklets.

Subscriber in Wisconsin

Thanks for the Jan–Feb 2024 edition of Tomorrow’s World magazine. I wish this was on the news stand of every shopping mall, railway station, and high street. It would help to redress the imbalanced and biased mainstream media news feed, re: Israel/Hamas, whilst at the same time pointing to the glorious hope of Christ Jesus’ return.

Subscriber in Scotland


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