Why We Still Need Tomorrow’s World | Tomorrow’s World — May/June 2024

Why We Still Need Tomorrow’s World

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Tomorrow’s World is a magazine of prophetic understanding, helping to shine the light of Bible prophecy on the often-disturbing events and developments that are shaping society and our entire world. Will you heed the watchman’s warning and learn to see where these prophetic trends are leading?

The very first issue of Tomorrow’s World was published in May of 1999—and, 25 years later, God continues to empower this magazine to proclaim truth, prophecy, and hope. But it hit me the other day: Sometimes we here at Tomorrow’s World are too far ahead of the game. We give advance warnings, but by the time the events of those warnings become reality, people have moved on and forgotten where they heard them. Allow me to remind you of several past articles found in this magazine that are powerful examples.

The cover of our April–May 2023 magazine asked, “Has World War III Already Begun?,” pointing to the lead article titled “Sleepwalking into World War III.” It focused on Europe, but how much more relevant it became following the regional war that erupted after the barbaric Hamas attack on Israel! As explained, the last two world wars were precipitated years before official declarations were made, with smaller regional tensions and conflicts, along with military preparations, setting the scene for full-blown global war. Our minds have difficulty accepting the unthinkable, but the warning signs are there for those with eyes to see, as written by former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev: “More troops, tanks and armored personnel carriers are being brought to Europe…. NATO and Russian forces and weapons that used to be deployed at a distance are now placed closer to each other, as if to shoot point-blank…. Politicians and military leaders sound increasingly belligerent and defense doctrines more dangerous…. It all looks as if the world is preparing for war” (NBC News, January 27, 2017).

This was written five years before Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Since that invasion and the West’s reaction to it, respected voices have suggested that World War III has begun. Those voicing the unthinkable include Russian media figure Olga Skabeyeva, leading French intellectual Emmanuel Todd, and even Pope Francis, the Roman Catholic pontiff—who said, “World War III has been declared” (America: The Jesuit Review, June 14, 2022).

Tomorrow’s World is not alone in pointing out historical parallels. So, with others uttering these warnings, why do you need us? Are we merely repeating what others are saying? Not at all! Tomorrow’s World adds a dimension that others overlook. Our article explained that the fallout from the Russian invasion of Ukraine has implications for the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Long before Skabeyeva, Todd, or Francis were born, the prophet Daniel under God’s inspiration laid out history from his time to the return of Jesus Christ (Daniel 2:31–45; 7:1–27). Centuries later, Christ warned that we will face worldwide catastrophe unless we turn to God (Matthew 24:21–22).

Ancient Bible Prophecy Being Fulfilled Today

Thousands of years ago, God’s prophets spelled out what to expect in places such as the Middle East and Europe. Our January–February 2024 Tomorrow’s World featured articles gave a biblical perspective on what is happening in the Middle East, citing detailed prophecies for our time. Pundits offer opinions on what they think will happen—the Bible accurately forecasts what will happen. It explains the historical context that few know—and it proclaims history in advance! Sadly, so much is happening around us that it is easy to forget what we wrote just a few months ago.

Our February 2023 Tomorrow’s World cover asks, “Will the U.S. suffer the fate of Rome?” In that article, we showed how the United States is “Repeating Rome’s Mistakes.” Hordes of people fleeing oppression entered the Roman Empire from the north. Millions of illegal migrants from all over the world are flooding across America’s southern border, where there were hundreds of thousands of encounters with illegals from October 2023 through January 2024. But we published that article before the average citizen woke up to the problem. As of this writing, polls indicate that the migrant crisis is the number one issue facing voters in the upcoming U.S. presidential election that will determine who “rules” the U.S. for the next four years. Britain and Europe face similar problems with migrations out of Africa and the Middle East.

While Americans have become aware of the problem, do they know its root cause? Few even know who the American and British-descended peoples are, or that gross immorality and sin are resulting in what God foretold nearly 3,500 years ago: “The alien who is among you shall rise higher and higher above you, and you shall come down lower and lower” (Deuteronomy 28:43). Does that not describe what we see today? Some illegal migrants, though certainly not all, get free healthcare, free money, free smartphones, free rooms in luxury hotels, free food, and much more. Meanwhile, these perks aren’t available to needy citizens who have lived in the country and paid taxes for decades. Drugs, gangs, and crime are already here, and unless America changes, it will get worse.

Good News from the Bible, Too!

Thankfully, there is a better world coming. That is the good news the Bible proclaims, and Tomorrow’s World also shares that good news with you. Our March 2023 cover article, “Jerusalem: Future Capital of the World,” began with a subhead explaining, “A troubled city with an ancient past has a remarkable future ahead!” No, you will not get this kind of news via television or TikTok, but it is news whether you believe it or not! There is a God in Heaven, and He will bring it to pass. Time will prove Jerusalem’s hope to be true.

And Tomorrow’s World proclaims more good news. How many people have been tortured by thoughts of a loved one burning in hell—in agonizing, endless pain with no hope of escape? And many in that supposed condition never even heard the name of Christ! So, you might find it hard to believe that Mr. Richard F. Ames’ January 2023 article answering the question, “Are You Going to Hell?” stirred up a firestorm when he wrote, “Would you be shocked to learn that your Bible actually teaches that no one is burning in hell at this moment? In fact, there are no immortal souls writhing and screaming in the flames of hell for eternity—and there never will be. Yes, there will be a hellfire, but not the kind that so many mistakenly imagine.” Sadly, a few of our readers apparently love fire and relish the idea that God will torture people for eternity after a few years lived in ignorance on earth. Thankfully, that is not what the Bible says.

As early as our April–May 2021 issue, our Canadian Regional Editor Stuart Wachowicz told “The Truth About Anti-Semitism,” explaining the history, causes, and future of the irrational hatred of the Jewish people. How many of our readers, much less the world at large, realized the extent of this problem? And who would have thought there would be such an outcry against the Israelis who were brutally attacked two-and-a-half years later on October 7?

Tomorrow’s World also looks at social trends that affect our lives in ways we may not realize. Past articles include “The Subtle Art of Canceling the Bible” (June 2021), “New Gods, New Sins” (March 2021), “Is Modern Morality Working?” (February 2022), “Is Big Brother Coming?” (September–October 2020), “The Rise of Neo-Paganism” (November–December 2019), and “Is Masculinity Really Toxic?” (May–June 2019).

The underpinning of our message goes back to one vital question: Is human life the improbable result of random chance and evolution, or are we here for a purpose planned by an Intelligent Creator? “Amazing Bible Prophecies Fulfilled” (June 2021) demonstrated that no human could ever foretell future events apart from inspiration via the One we refer to as God. And our series on “The Works of His Hands” reminds us of everyday wonders around us that point to a Great Designer.

Yes, Tomorrow’s World explains our world as no other periodical does. It brings history to life, shines a bright light on harmful social trends, and expounds from the Bible what to expect in your near future. It shows the bad, the ugly, and, ultimately, the good news of how things will all turn out for a suffering world.


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