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Natural Disasters

Consider the Ant and Be Wise

Storms, wildfires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters have frequently dominated the news over the past several years. These catastrophes cause massive power outages, food shortages, and billions of dollars in damages to personal lives and property. Do we see these events, and think to ourselves, “Wow! I am glad that didn’t happen to me!” or are we asking ourselves the question, “Am I ready for such an event?” Natural disasters are going to happen, and sometimes they come without warning. Will you be ready when more disaster comes? Are you preparing like the ant?

After Sandy

As Hurricane Sandy clears the East Coast of the United States, storm damage is estimated at between $20 and $50 billion. Communities from Atlantic City, New Jersey, to the east end of Long Island, New York are still trying to cope with floodwaters from the most damaging storm to hit the northeastern U.S. in recent years. As of Wednesday evening, more than six million people were still without power. The New York City subway system will manage only “limited” service on Thursday. The New Jersey Transit system is in what one official called “disarray,” with much of its service still suspended.

Lights Out!

A power outage, however brief, causes a lot of consternation. Lights go out, computers are down, refrigeration ceases and life as we know it with all our modern conveniences grinds to a halt. This happened in our city recently during a busy lunchtime, disrupting the schedules of thousands of people who were having their noon break. Restaurants and other enterprises lost business and customers went hungry. Happily, the power outage lasted only a short time, but long enough to remind everyone how dependent we are upon the power grid that supplies our communities.

Redeem the time

The sobering and shattering scenes of the tsunami swallowing up the land, the cars, the buildings, the nuclear reactors, and the precious lives of so many people in Japan brings to all of us a sense of incredible loss and sorrow and heartbreak.

Earthquakes in diverse places

Earthquakes are always in the news. On Friday, March 11, 2011, an earthquake of magnitude 9.0 struck in Japan, generating a devastating tsunami. Thousands are reported killed. Why are we having these devastating earthquakes, seemingly one right after another?