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Natural Disasters

Asteroid Apophis earth's doomsday?

On February 4, 2011, the asteroid 2011 CQ1 narrowly missed the earth, coming within 3,400 miles (5471 km). Five days later, a larger asteroid called 2011 GA7 passed within 65,000 miles—both astronomical near misses. On February 15, 2011, a silver streak appeared in the sky over Pennsylvania and was seen in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland. Some astronomers are concerned that an astoroid named Apophis will strike the earth in 2036.  Will this be earth's doom?

A Plague of Locusts

As farmers in Australia watch helplessly, locusts are marching relentlessly, devouring crops as they go. This plague is just another foretaste of an even more devastating plague to come. What can we do to prevent these plagues from happening? What can we do to escape?

A morsel before I die

Before the Haiti earthquake killed more than 150,000 and left thousands more orphaned and injured, it was already a very desperate place.  Unemployment was well above 50%.  Corruption and brutality were common.  And many people in Port au Prince survived on only $200 a year.  That was before the earthquake.  But, as terrible as it is in Haiti, even now – much worse is coming.

Solar maximum, CME's and Scripture

The sun is the most powerful force in our solar system.  And, it is also potentially the most deadly.  Recently, there has been growing excitement that the next "solar maximum" could render power grids, the Internet and telecommunications networks inoperable, and could even destroy modern civilization as we know it.  What do science and Scripture reveal about our massive, nuclear neighbor?

Earthquakes, lessons and hope!

Haiti and Chile are reeling from terrible earthquakes.  As we see the pitiful images of smashed homes, broken bodies, looting and chaos, it is normal to ask questions.  Why did God allow these earthquakes?  Will similar earthquakes strike our nations?  And, if God did allow these earthquakes, then what does He want us to learn from them?